Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rodan + Fields = Happy Lips

iStock_000006993471XSmall.jpgThank God for Rodan + Fields as the cold weather approaches. This pair’o’docs know just how to keep us com­fort­ably flake-free and mois­tur­ized with their Rodan + Fields lip micro­der­mabra­sion stick, $16.

Every­one should have this prod­uct in their beauty cab­i­net year-round, at all times. It’s a beauty necessity.

I have it auto­ship with my other Rodan + Fields prod­ucts so I always have one on hand.

The gritty balm comes in a tube and is applied like ordi­nary balm. Then you rub the grit into your lips and lip line with your fin­ger, really con­cen­trat­ing on dry or flaky areas before you tis­sue off.

In char­ac­ter­is­tic Rodan + Fields style, the prod­uct leaves some­thing ther­a­peu­tic behind–a comfy coat­ing of cocoa but­ter, cot­ton­seed and cas­tor oils, in this case. You will notice the imme­di­ate dif­fer­ence, as your lip­stick will go on smoother and feel super soft.

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