The Big Bangs Theory


A recurring theme ruled the runway at Elie Saab’s fall 2012 fashion show, pictured above and below, and it wasn’t just gown after glistening gorgeous gown…can you guess? Hint: it has something to do with living on the edge.

Yes, bangs are where it’s at.

There’s something simultaneously schoolgirl and siren about the look that is sure to attract attention. Cleopatra was clearly onto something and would no doubt be an admirer of such close cropping, as bangs continue to crop up everywhere.


Keeping up with the fringe? Kim Kardashian certainly is, as seen below with her brand-new batch of bangs.


Straight bangs like this are incredibly high-maintenance, so if you are hoping to make the cut be prepared to see your stylist, or measure and cut them yourself, often.


There are several critical factors to consider before you bang. Your hair’s natural texture and wave pattern really matter. If you’re a curly girl, you might want to forget this look altogether because high-maintenance will take on new meaning as you find yourself a servant to the flatiron and smoothing products, at the very least.


Your environment is also important. If you live in a humid climate, or a windy area, it almost doesn’t matter how much work you put into your ’do because once the heavy moist air hits your hair, it will ’do its own thing. Working with and accepting nature is, unfortunately, a reality.

Not every woman can pull off bangs; it can sometimes end up looking abrupt and quite severe. You must consider your bone structure, face shape and coloring.


Last, and most critical, if you opt for bangs remember that you are making a long-term commitment. Don’t forget that hair grows at an abysmal rate of only half an inch per month. That’s six inches a year. So be prepared to work with a professional for a transitional haircut and implement plenty of creative tactics such as headbands and braiding, while your hair grows out, when you say adios to bangs.

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