Get In The Mod With Senna’s New Velvet Lipstick


Elegant cinema legend Audrey Hepburn, when asked for her beauty secrets, quoted Sam Levenson who said,

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people…”

For inner beauty, Levenson was right on the money. For outer beauty, makeup artist Eugenia Weston is.

Eugenia, founder of Senna Cosmetics, continues to revolutionize cosmetics with her new Velvet Lipstick as part of her Mod Muse face for 2012.

I am enamored of this lipstick. It really lives up to its name in the department of unparalleled smoothness and velvety texture.


The colors are offered in delectable shades for every skin tone–shades that are so subtly nuanced it makes them difficult to describe.

“My color collage tunes into the 1960s and twists it with fresh chic,” Eugenia said. Baby rosebud lips in kitten colors of pearly pastels or feline pinks merge naiveté with worldliness for playful, experimental mod style.

“This mod style of beauty energizes and brings back the fine art of female expressionism,” Eugenia said. “It’s liberating and gorgeous.”

The irresistible Dusk is a dusty rose; First Love, a mauvey-beige nude; Naturelle, a luscious caramel, and Lolita, a ripe vivid coral that’s pretty yet plausible.

Plus, in typical Senna style, Eugenia’s new Velvet Lipstick is also reasonably priced and treatment based, so unlike certain lipsticks, which can actually be toxic believe it or not, due to known cancer-causing ingredients, something good is bound to come from it.

Spiked with vitamin E, castor oil, squalane and the powerful skin protectant dimethicone, the formula is creamy and lasting, the colors rich and believable, so even if you are copping a counterfeit smile, none will be the wiser.

No matter how tiresome or boring your social encounter, you can always veil any baggage under your eyes during a hostage moment with a finely-crafted pair of OG shades; as for attractive lips however, feel free to fake it while wearing Senna’s new Velvet Lipstick, $22.

Peace. Love. Beauty.

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