A Dozen And One Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts at All Price Points

Time is running out, Mother’s Day is May 13, so here are thirteen presents of greatness for Mom.

1. Speaking of Presence of Greatness…


I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Jay Strongwater, above, at Neiman Marcus last week. What a genius. Spoil Mom with an elaborate Strongwater l’objet d’art, like this hydrangea flower-encrusted bowl, $3,000, pictured left, or vase, $4,800…or opt for a decadently-gilded frame instead, around $325-$2,000+, with a picture of her babies showcased within. What could be sweeter?

2. Hair Guru Philip B. To The Rescue


Creativity is a gift in itself. The resourceful Philip B. redefines hair brush cleaning for the neat nicks out there. Mom will love you for it, and it’s only 15 bucks. Seriously? Buy two. You’ll want one for yourself.

3. It’s Mere Cash, Get Cashmere


If money is of no object, spoil your grand matriarch with a pair of slippers made for her highness. I adore Loro Piana’s Odette cashmere slippers with suede sole and mink pom pons, $625, in rich burgundy. What could be more elegant for lounging? They’re almost pretty enough for a ball…

4. Moms Deserve To Smell Awesome


When was the last time she bought perfume for herself? Buy her a Jo Malone classic, like my favorites–Orange Blossom, or Red Roses, or both–and watch her bloom when she fragrance combines. It’s an art form.


5. Anything By Diptyque


Let’s face it, the Diptyque body line is lush, but you can’t go wrong with a mini candle, $28, or a full-size candle, $60. With 50 fragrances to choose from and an impressive burn time, Mom will think of you every time she lights up.

6. For the Glossy Housewife


A silk pillowcase offers real, documented beauty advantages. Softer, more manageable hair, smoother skin, less wrinkles…Can you believe it? Agent Provocateur sells the Glossy Housewife for $180. A bargain for so many beauty benefits, plus a seductive-looking bedroom to boot. Everyone must have a Glossy Housewife. You’ll feel the difference.

7. Don’t Let Her Get Caught Red-Handed


Mom deserves to have hands that won’t betray her real age. Rodan + Fields know where it’s at. This pair o’ docs will turn back the clock of time on a most-ignored area. If she’s grown accustomed to hard work, the least you can give her is soft hands.

8. The Color Purple


Anyone who’s been in my house knows I have a deep affection for deep purple…it’s the color of my velvet drapes, and my matching makeup brushes by genius makeup artist Roque Cozzette. With smartly-cut shapes all from durable Japanese Taklon, Mom will love powdering her nose with these reasonably-priced, cruelty-free makeup brushes. Animal lovers, rejoice.

9. I Love Fabulous Stationery


Penning an old-fashioned letter may seem like a dying art form, but what better way to keep in touch with Mom than a heartfelt memo? She’ll love writing to you on Fabulous Stationery. With a clear cellophane window and the return address printed on the back of the card itself…when you throw out the envelope and keep the card, the address is printed on the back so you’ll always have it handy. How genius is that? Plus there’s a gazillion options of creative designs for every possible occasion. She’ll love these notes. More on this hidden online gem, Fabulous Stationery, later. Stay tuned. It truly is fab.

10. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…


Surprise her with a single long-stem giant rose. Have you ever seen anything so stunning? She’ll never forget it.

11. Tiffany Marks the Spot


A Tiffany bookmark designed by Elsa Peretti is the elegant way for a lady to keep her place. Mom will love starting over right where she left off with these stunning, giant sterling paperclips. Wouldn’t she just love one?

12. Sea Sponge + Shower Gel = Sublime


Sea sponges are so insanely inexpensive and such a luxury to use in the shower or bath. Sustainably-harvested conservatively from the ocean floor, natural sea sponges lack a nervous system with which to feel pain. Bundling them with a shower gel elevates an ordinary bath into a sublime experience. She’ll love you for it.

13. A Day at the Spa

It may seem cliché, but don’t underestimate the healing power of touch–a massage or facial from a local spa can help her unwind after a ragged week. Gift certificates always fit.

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