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Extraordinary Eggs for Easter

There’s a universal theme that runs through every civilization for Easter. The holiday is symbolic of rebirth, and the egg a symbol of life. I’m intrigued by the gorgeous Easter offerings of other cultures. Let’s take a look.


It’s hard to believe this stunning creation was hand-drawn on a chicken’s egg. A pattern is etched in hot wax before the egg is bathed in a variation of dyes–the traditional Ukrainian process, known as pysanka–which create a vivid design and a tactile texture.


Can you imagine an Alexander Lamont bowl filled with these beauties? Or perhaps a dried branch dripping with the shining varnished shells? Craft your own nest, below, for a stunning tribute to nature.


You almost need to think backwards and upside-down when creating a pysanka egg, because it’s the lightest colors that are applied first leading to the darkest before the final design emerges. Check out this tutorial on making Ukrainian Easter eggs.


You can find everything on Etsy, where eggs range in price from around 30 bucks for a ‘simple’ chicken egg, to $350 for a large rhea egg, below, that’s more than five inches long and signed and dated by its artist.



Happy Easter, everyone.

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