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Beyond Luxury at–Silk Sheets On Sale!


Between the Sheets

If my bed sheets could talk, who knows what they might say? And while inanimate objects thankfully cannot speak, I have a feeling that if the gold Branché silk pillowcases lounging on my bed could express themselves verbally, they would beg me to touch them.

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?

I love it when a thoroughly decadent purchase can be unequivocally justified, preferably with scientific data. Add a killer discount to the mix and I’m all over it. Such is the case with Manito’s luxurious 22 Momme Mulberry silk sheets from

As if younger-looking skin, smoother, more compliant hair and a better nights’ sleep aren’t all reason enough to splurge on silk sheets, you can now also take a whopping 50% off through the end of August. This sale is almost over, so don’t sleep on it. Buy now and save them for a Valentine’s gift, assuming you can wait that long. Sweet dreams.

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