Take it Off…Take it All Off: Your Eye Makeup, That Is…


With the return of the smoky ombré eye surfaces a secondary dilemma: taking it all off.

There are many, many eye makeup removers on the market, and I used to be a fan of François Nars’ now-defunct Makeup Cleansing Oil, $40, which has sadly been discontinued. The best eye makeup remover I’ve found since is Lancôme’s Bi-Facil, $27 for 4.2 oz at Nordstrom. It’s really thorough and doesn’t sting or cloud your eyes. It works great on even waterproof makeup, and is ophthalmologist-tested, making it perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes.


But we all know that as with most things in life, technique is everything when you’re taking it all off. Here is the best way to thoroughly remove all traces of even stubborn eye makeup, without a mess.


Use an unscented baby wipe saturated with Lancôme’s Bi-Facil to remove the eye makeup before you cleanse your face. They are soft, gentle and disposable, so you can just flush them away after each use for sanitary, no-mess eye makeup removal. Problem solved.

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