Fab find: Cruelty-free Vegan Makeup Brushes


The Color Purple

We cannot rave enough about the fabulous, cruelty-free, vegan Divinity Collection makeup brushes by New York makeup artist Roque Cozzette.

When our talented friend, makeup artist Rafael Ochoa, told us these beautiful purple brushes with 100% renewably-resourced wood handles were actually non-allergenic synthetic bristles made from Japanese Taklon, we were completely shocked. The uber-soft brushes outperform any animal-hair brush that we have tried.

The bristles are so silky and grab pigment incredibly well, ideal for eyeshadow stippling and streakless powder applications. No shedding, whatsoever. Plus they clean like a dream.

Even the best animal-hair brushes eventually break down and deteriorate with use and cleaning, beginning to shed more and lose their shape. And, they’re not nearly as soft and resilient and stiff as these cool tools.

The Divinity Collection includes 16 smart silhouettes, with six more in the works.

“I worked for one year on the shapes,” stated Cozzette, who is Creative Director of Kett Cosmetics.

The shapes are very specific cuts, akin to brushes from an artist’s toolkit, thoughtfully shaped for the contours of the eyes and face.

Some shapes are unique to The Divinity Collection, such as the invaluable P350 concealer brush, perfectly shaped for the inner corners of eyes and nasolabial area. Or the bullet-shaped D200, great for smoldering eyes. Also notable are the perfect D225 and D230.

And the user-friendly prices, with eyeshadow brushes between $14-$16 and beautiful nice big fluffy powder brushes at around $30, make them a great investment for yourself or gift for your dear eco-conscious animal-loving friends.

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