Rodan + Fields = Happy Lips

iStock_000006993471XSmall.jpgThank God for Rodan + Fields as the cold weather approaches. This pair’o’docs know just how to keep us comfortably flake-free and moisturized with their Rodan + Fields lip microdermabrasion stick, $16.

Everyone should have this product in their beauty cabinet year-round, at all times. It’s a beauty necessity.

I have it autoship with my other Rodan + Fields products so I always have one on hand.

The gritty balm comes in a tube and is applied like ordinary balm. Then you rub the grit into your lips and lip line with your finger, really concentrating on dry or flaky areas before you tissue off.

In characteristic Rodan + Fields style, the product leaves something therapeutic behind–a comfy coating of cocoa butter, cottonseed and castor oils, in this case. You will notice the immediate difference, as your lipstick will go on smoother and feel super soft.


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