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All About Omegas

flax-seed-macro.jpgEveryone talks about fish oil being great for the skin because of the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.

And it’s true. A diet rich in omega-3’s is great not only for your skin; but also your brain, joints, heart, bones, immunity, vision and mood.

I noticed a positive difference in my skin when I also incorporated plant-based omegas in the form of flaxseeds, into my diet. Now I take a flaxseed oil supplement. You can get them at Whole Foods.

Flaxseeds are the best plant-derived source of omega-3 fatty acids, and grinding them in a coffee grinder releases the potent yet fragile oil from the dark little seeds.

small-flax-salad.jpgSprinkle them on salads, put them in yogurt or kefir, and start incorporating them into your diet and see if you don’t notice a difference in your skin.

You will feel the natural oils on your skin after a while, as your body absorbs the nutrients and valuable fatty acids. The greatest advantage is that it doesn’t cause you to break out or feel greasy in any way, just softer.

And I’m convinced it’s the combination of omegas in the form of fish oil and its vegetarian counterpart that makes my skin so soft and moist, pliable and glowey.

Now is the best time to start as the drying winter approaches. It doesn’t matter if you have acneic skin. Trust me, you will not break out!

Try to get two tablespoons of ground flaxseed a day, or simply add into your diet a flaxseed oil supplement (with lignans, if possible), like I do, and watch your skin gain a newfound glow and suppleness.

Picture 362.pngSome good brands are Spectrum (cold-pressed, and with lignans) and the all-natural Rainbow Light, the first food-based vitamin company, established more than 25 years ago.

Try Rainbow Light’s Everyone’s Omega, which is a combination of organic flax oil and eco-harvested fish oil (from sardine and anchovy).

Rainbow Light cleverly incorporates lemon essential oil into these nutritious nuggets for a more pleasant experience. One softgel is equivalent to two fish servings per week.

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