Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Top Trend Prediction: Facial Jewelry

Givenchy facial jewelry 1

Mod­els for Givenchy floated down the run­way with a new form of embell­ish­ment that I’m deem­ing one of the most excit­ing forth­com­ing trends, ever: facial jew­elry. This is my bet for the sin­gle most impor­tant inno­va­tion that has sprung from the 2015 fall fash­ion col­lec­tions. Other things, we have seen before—whether it be the cer­tain swing of a sil­hou­ette or a par­tic­u­lar tex­ture of a textile…Facial jew­elry, how­ever, is some­thing so unique and unchar­tered that I’m com­pletely thrilled to write about it, and even more curi­ous to see where this no doubt novel and unique trend may sur­face again and yet again, as I am wager­ing it even­tu­ally will.

Givenchy facial jewelry 2

The bril­liant makeup artist Pat McGrath adhesed pearls and gems to the mod­els’ faces as per requested by Givenchy’s cre­ative direc­tor Ric­cardo Tisci, who wanted to embell­ish them.

Givenchy facial jewelry

He gave us the jew­elry,” McGrath stated, “but we had to work out how it would stay on,” she con­tin­ued, “because it was quite weighty,” and the process took more than six hours to com­plete. Because some of the sep­tum pierc­ings almost resem­ble a han­dle­bar mous­tache, I am actu­ally pref­er­en­tial to the facial embell­ish­ments we wit­nessed at John Galliano’s bril­liant debut for Mai­son Margiela just months ago, below. This art was also crafted by Pat McGrath.

Galliano 1

I adore the dra­matic smoky gem-encrusted eye above and the shel­lacked gold-leafing on the model’s hair. Talk about exotique!

 Pat mcgrath for galliano at margiela

And just look at the work­man­ship above, also from Galliano’s debut! On the model, left: a beaded brow, giant clus­ters of gems, shim­mer­ing eye­shadow and a glis­ten­ing golden hair­line; on the model, right: a face cov­ered with pearls and sparkling stones! I love the way they drape across the fore­head and the cheek­bones, and hang with an asym­met­ri­cal pre­ci­sion off one side of the model, where here, the face truly is a canvas!


I am so fas­ci­nated by the con­cept of facial jew­elry, and so curi­ous to see how it will evolve. And if you’re like me, and you want to start exper­i­ment­ing with facial jew­lery but you’re not quite as artis­tic (or patient) as Pat McGrath and her staff of tal­ented makeup artists, here is a lit­tle secret: the jew­elry doesn’t have to be attached to the face with glue or piercings….Do you remem­ber my friend Mar­i­anna Haru­tun­ian? She is the jew­eler I wrote about back in 2014, and she…is…fabulous! Read my arti­cle from last Sep­tem­ber here, where I intro­duce you to Mar­i­anna and I dis­cuss the future face of jewelry.

But first, check out these jaw-dropping jew­els that just gar­nered her heavy praise from moi, per­son­ally! Here is a way to incor­po­rate the facial jew­elry trend with­out the bother of time-consuming meth­ods, sticky glue, or pierc­ings! Just look at this head­dress, below, on Scan­di­na­vian star Laleh in her video “Col­ors,” styled and directed by Bea Åkerlund!!!

Laleh face shot


Isn’t it pos­i­tively ethe­real?!?! I could see this head­piece as a veil alter­na­tive for a rebel bride…or an acces­sory worn by a fash­ion­ista at a for­mal event like a fund-raising ban­quet for a chic cause, or per­haps to the opera or some such…or even on the beach, for an haute cou­ture moment! It’s super sexy!!!


Laleh s fingers

This shot from the same video by Laleh, above, shows even more of Marianna’s breath­tak­ing work! Note the crys­tal fin­ger­nail armor on each tip and that insane hand har­ness! I need these in my life!!! Mar­i­anna, are you listening? 

(AND……as a quick but pro­found aside, Marianna’s agent told me that the acces­sories direc­tor at Alexan­der McQueen in Lon­don left a mes­sage for her! Hmmm….what could be brew­ing there? I will keep you posted if I hear, my darlings!)

Now, go read that arti­cle I wrote about Mar­i­anna, before you for­get! Don’t worry, fash­ion can get me all ADD some­times, too!

Until next time…Peace. Love. Beauty.




Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The New Ponytail

Ponytail 1


Well it would seem that an old/new trend is back, and it’s a school-day sta­ple: the pony­tail. Yes, the pony­tail is back in fash­ion, worn smooth and sleek at Car­olina Herrera’s fall 2015 show, below, as envi­sioned by styl­ist Orlando Pita.


Leather wrapped ponytails 


The hair is pulled into a low pony, secured, and then wrapped tightly with sil­ver leather for an ele­gant finish.

Guido Palau, British-born hair styl­ist and trend­set­ter, fea­tured the pony at Dior, below, where hip-length exten­sions were added in and the pony was wrapped with its own hair for a sleek and mod­ern look.


Dior ponytails 2015


Try this chic way to con­ceal an elas­tic, as seen on Kim and J. Lo, below:

Sec­tion off a small chunk of hair just below the base of your pony­tail. Once you’ve secured the pony, wrap the remain­ing hair around the base, using pins as needed.

Kim and j lo


Glam­ourous, yet simple!








Monday, March 2, 2015

On The Rise: Thigh-High Boots

Nude lace ups

The thigh is the limit, as boots rise sky high! I’m lov­ing the trend of thigh-high boots and it looks like there’s no short­age of over-the-knee footage, as evi­denced every­where the fash­ion­able peo­ple are seen!


J lo


J. Lo goes high with Chris­t­ian Louboutins, above, and in Tom Ford, below….


J lo 2


…while Kylie Jen­ner is keep­ing up with the trend in a gladiator-laced thigh high.


Kylie jenner

The laced-up look adds visual inter­est to the thigh high, as design­ers con­fig­ure dif­fer­ent col­ors and tex­tures to keep the look fresh and hip.

Brown suede lace ups


When worn with a sim­ple dress, above…


Versace 1


 …or in monot­one on the cat­walk for Ver­sace, above and below…

 Versace 3

the thigh-high looks right in red or even in canary yellow.

Versace boots

Ver­sace uses an etched gold plat­form heel to increase the glamour!



Diana Moldovan looks fierce in Casadei boots for Harper’s Bazaar Romania…

Pucci snakeskin boots

…and I absolutely adore these open-toe snake­skin lace ups by Emilio Pucci, who show­cased a bevy of beau­ti­ful boots in Milan as part of artis­tic direc­tor Peter Dundas’s vision for his fall 2015 fash­ions, which he calls The Zodiac Col­lec­tion, below.

Pucci 2015

Are thigh high boots a ‘sign’ of what is to come? 

Pucci fall 2015 in milan

Surely such drama may be wit­nessed in the embroi­dered astro­log­i­cal sign boot above…

Pucci black and white 2015 fall

…as well as in the graphic black and white sequined Pucci ensem­bles seen here. To die for!

Leopard thigh highs

Stu­art Weitz­man offers some ani­mal mag­net­ism with these leopard-print thigh highs.

Thigh high comp

You’ll see thigh highs creep­ing up in all cir­cles through sum­mer and into next fall, and they can be worn in a myr­iad of ways. 

Thigh high comp 3

Sexy-up a swea­ter­dress, or boot up with leg­gings or jeans. Either way, the thigh-high boot is a bold state­ment shoe that’s both play­ful and hip.

Thigh high comp 2

And design­ers will con­tinue to con­fig­ure more thigh-high footwear (like cage san­dals) to meet the ris­ing demand! We love it.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Military Trend Forges On

Hi guys…..or should I say, my fel­low fash­ion sol­diers? I took a leave from my blog-reporting duties as a protest of Apple’s crummy oper­at­ing sys­tem, Yosemite, but now that the dust has cleared and every­thing has set­tled, I’m back with a vengeance, and with a pas­sion for mil­i­tary drab that’s simul­ta­ne­ously fab! Of course, we here at BSSTW were way ahead of the game when we first reported on the mil­i­tary trend two years ago, back in 2013, in our arti­cle, Mil­i­tary Intel­li­gence: There’s No Cam­ou­flag­ing This Smart Fash­ion Trend


Military ensemble with moschino purse


And now the mil­i­tary trend con­tin­ues to forge on steadily, with a bit of a more glam­orous twist, as seen above, in the March 2015 issue of Vogue Paris. Shim­mer­ing metallics add a refresh­ing dash of flash. Gold lends itself eas­ily to the mil­i­tary look, with large drop ear­rings, booty shorts, a foiled clutch, and of course, some star-quality shades.


 Leather leggings


 But if you choose to keep it sim­ple, just empha­size one great piece, like this chic mil­i­tary jacket, where the but­tons alone are all the acces­sory you need. It’s equally glam­orous, yet more casual. When worn with leather leg­gings, this jacket com­mands atten­tion. And speak­ing of leather leg­gings, I just scored the most incred­i­ble bar­gain: my new Ralph Lau­ren leather leg­gings, in a rich olive color—perfect for mil­i­tary dressing–at a teeny frac­tion of their orig­i­nal cost! This is a once-in-a-lifetime sale, so I had to snag them. I got them from my good friends Michael Lyen and Bernie Mer­cado at the Ralph Lau­ren store in Palo Alto, Cal­i­for­nia, but there’s also a sale online at Ralph Lau­ren, where they are blow­ing out all their inven­tory for some new sur­prises. You really owe it to your­self to check out their sale.

 I just adore my leather leg­gings, because the dark army green color trav­els effort­lessly with like-minded hues such as earth tones, while also serv­ing as the per­fect back­drop for beau­ti­ful brights. AND….you can wear these things with any kind of top—from an over­sized sweater to a slouchy pon­cho to a skintight turtle­neck that hugs every curve. Don’t you want a pair right now?!?!? They are crafted of the most sup­ple lamb­skin, with a gen­tle stretch for a flat­ter­ing fit. LOVE!

 Now if you’re shop­ping on the dime, I rec­om­mend check­ing out H & M, where there is a bounty of coats and cargo pants in that great, sig­na­ture olive color, which works so well with denim. And don’t for­get to scour the army sur­plus store near­est you. You will find great lit­tle tchotchkes (yes, that’s a word…it’s Yid­dish for tiny things or baubles, in case you’re won­der­ing…) that can make mil­i­tary out of any ensem­ble. Just add a lit­tle badge or but­ton, a lit­tle patch or pin, and you’re good to go! Bye guys…and buy, guys, ha ha ha, over and out!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween pooch

Sunday, October 26, 2014

FSHN, A Fab Fashion Magazine, Brings Haute Couture to San Francisco


Hi guys.….Well, I just had the most fab­u­lous time at an haute cou­ture run­way show in San Fran­cisco at the Fair­mont Hotel last night, and it was such a treat to watch the gor­geous mod­els strut the run­way in the breath­tak­ing fall/winter 2014–2015 col­lec­tions of Parisian haute cou­ture design­ers Franck Sor­bier and On Aura Tout Vu, as well as Amer­i­can designer Mimi Tran, all under­scored with a lively per­for­mance that was sung entirely en Français by a hot French­man. The event was put together by FSHN Mag­a­zine, namely pub­lisher Elis­a­beth Thieriot, founder of Replete Skin Care. Replete is a luxe line of skin care prod­ucts that the strik­ing French beauty Thieriot swears by for her glow­ing visage.

Shankha and model

Along with FSHN editor-in-chief, Shankha Goswami, pic­tured above left, and fash­ion edi­tor, Ylevol Tam Nguyen, cen­ter, the FSHN team deliv­ered the goods in a two-hour fash­ion show that left me want­ing more. Peter Lago, COO of Lions Gate Cor­po­ra­tion, man­aged the total pro­duc­tion of this event includ­ing being the tech­ni­cal and design direc­tor for the show.

I can only imag­ine how dif­fi­cult, and expen­sive, it was coor­di­nat­ing this event–(I heard through the grapevine that the grand total for the dam­age was a cool half million!)–which fea­tured the Paris fash­ion design­ers, who were flown into SF from Paris; as well as dozens of mod­els; a $70,000 light­ing fee for the cat­walk; and no doubt other end­less prepa­ra­tions and expenses.

It was an enchanted evening, and I left with a copy of FSHN Mag and “Be Fab­u­lous at Any Age,” a book writ­ten for age­less liv­ing from the age­less pub­lisher her­self, Thieriot.

I had a blast and met some inter­est­ing peo­ple, such as Pearl Dworkin from Glam­olo­gie. Like me, she’s a licensed aes­theti­cian with a pen­chant for publishing.….publishing beauty secrets, to be pre­cise. Give her blog a whirl!

But the real treat came when I was review­ing FSHN Mag­a­zine at home. I sin­cerely love this pub­li­ca­tion! Fash­ion edi­tor Tam Nguyen and her staff clearly know where it’s at in fash­ion and beauty. FSHN is a great, infor­ma­tive resource for beauty afi­ciona­dos and fash­ion fiends, and it’s pub­lished right here in San Fran­cisco. The pho­tos are TDF!

2014 10 26 17 21 37

And they write about mean­ing­ful trends such as ‘The Head­wear Craze,’ for exam­ple, which reports on fas­ci­nat­ing fas­ci­na­tors, hats and other head­pieces. It’s a great lit­tle arti­cle by Katarzyna Tarab­ula and includes shop­ping resources so you can actu­ally buy the haute head­wear that’s fea­tured in the arti­cle. Must read.

Then there’s ‘7 Design­ers to Watch’–a run­way report from Milan Fash­ion Week. I love ‘Top 10 Haute Cou­ture Dresses’ which fea­tures a few of my favorite and lesser-known design­ers, like Stephane Rol­land and Dice Kayek. Page after page of behind-the-scenes accounts at fash­ion shows, you will find, with the lat­est news…


…as well as a spread titled ‘Haute Cou­ture Makeup Trends,’ which chron­i­cles the most strik­ing looks from Ver­sace, Dior and Chanel.

2014 10 26 17 22 04

There’s a whole edi­to­r­ial called ‘Beau­ti­ful War­rior,’ which fea­tures a sexy spread of one of my favorite emerg­ing trends, and you’ve heard me talk about it: facial jew­elry!!! It’s page after page of stun­ning pho­tos by the tal­ented pho­tog­ra­pher Paul Kim…so avant garde and edgy, I can hardly stand it!

You’ll find a Q and A with celebrity hair­styl­ist Char­lie Le Mindu, who defines him­self some­where between a cou­turier and a coif­feur; a great story on the best resources for online fash­ion con­sign­ment (Loved! Thank you, Gabrielle Man­ches­ter!) and count­less more fun reads in a glossy mag that you can tote with you. Total Eye Candy!!!

FSHN, btw, stands for: Fash­ion­able. Sexy. Haute. Naughty.

Naughty? Huh, a lit­tle weird… But aren’t we all! To sub­scribe, click here. Au revoir.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta, 1932–2014

Oscar 2014

Leg­endary fash­ion designer Oscar de la Renta died from com­pli­ca­tions of can­cer last night. He was 82. De la Renta, who most recently designed Amal Clooney’s wed­ding dress, below, was diag­nosed with can­cer in 2006.

Odr and amal

He leaves a life­time of beau­ti­ful gowns and beau­ti­ful mem­o­ries behind. Here are some high­lights of his illus­tri­ous career.


1969. A model in a frothy dis­play of organza ruf­fles, ala Oscar.


1982. Two mod­els on the run­way wear­ing ruf­fled bouf­fant taffeta skirts.


1986. Christy Turling­ton was pho­tographed wear­ing Oscar de la Renta by Bill King for the Sep­tem­ber issue of Vogue.

1988 LIZ

1989. De la Renta and Liza Min­nelli at the CFDA Awards, which was held at the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Museum of Art in New York.


1989. The designer with actress Audrey Hepburn.


1991. A model takes to the cat­walk in a look from the designer’s spring/summer 1992 col­lec­tion in Paris.


1992. Eva Herzigova in a black cutout dress from the designer’s spring/summer 1993 show in Paris.


1993. Carla Bruni in a paisley-print look from the designer’s spring/summer 1993 col­lec­tion in Paris.


1995. An Oscar de la Renta cre­ation for Pierre Bal­main, from the French fash­ion house’s autumn/winter 1995–96 cou­ture show.


1996. Ruched silk was the order of the day at a fash­ion show in New York.


1998. De la Renta waves to the crowd at the end of his spring/summer 1999 show in New York.


1999. Naomi Camp­bell walks in the designer’s autumn/winter 1999 show in New York.


2000. Gisele Bünd­chen takes to the cat­walk in a striped ruf­fled skirt and white shirt.


2002. A leather cap and khaki hues from the designer’s autumn/winter 2003 show in New York.


2003. Sarah Jes­sica Parker wore an Oscar de la Renta dress in this sea­son six episode of Sex And The City.


2006. With Amer­i­can Vogue edi­tor Anna Win­tour at the designer’s autumn/winter 2006 show.


2007. Stella Ten­nant was pho­tographed wear­ing an Oscar de la Renta gown by Ben­jamin Alexan­der for the Sep­tem­ber issue of Vogue.


2007. With Ralph Lau­ren at the CFDA Awards, where he was awarded Wom­enswear Designer of the Year for the sec­ond time in his career.


2007. Model Agness Deyn wears a strik­ing feather-embellished cre­ation from the label’s spring/summer 2008 collection.

2009 RED

2009. A model in an appliquéd red and black gown at the designer’s autumn/winter 2009 show.


2009. Mario Testino pho­tographed Lara Stone in an Oscar de la Renta gown for the Decem­ber issue of Vogue.

2009 VOGUE B W

2009. Doutzen Kroes was pho­tographed wear­ing Oscar de la Renta by Patrick Demarche­lier for the Decem­ber issue of Vogue.


2009. Kate Hud­son attended the New York pre­miere of her film Bride Wars wear­ing an Oscar de la Renta gown.


2010. Jes­sica Biel attended the Los Ange­les Pre­miere of Valentine’s Day wear­ing an asym­met­ric Oscar de la Renta gown.

2011 KATE

2011. Kate Moss was pho­tographed wear­ing Oscar de la Renta by Mario Testino for the August issue of Vogue.


2011. Freja Beha Erich­sen was pho­tographed wear­ing an Oscar de la Renta gown by Mario Testino for the May cover of Vogue.


2011. Jason Bell pho­tographed Jes­sica Brown Find­lay wear­ing Oscar de la Renta for the August issue of Vogue.


2011. Laura Carmichael, wear­ing Oscar de la Renta, pho­tographed by Jason Bell for the August issue of Vogue.


2011. After-dark ele­gance at the designer’s autumn/winter 2011 show in New York.


2012. Oscar de la Renta, at his spring/summer 2013 show.


2013. Amy Adams in an Oscar De La Renta strap­less laven­der gown at the Oscars.


2013. Oscar was pre­sented with the Eleanor Lam­bert Founder’s Award by Hillary Clin­ton at the CFDA Awards. “Sim­ply put, he is an Amer­i­can icon,” said Clin­ton in her pre­sen­ta­tion speech. “His style and per­son­al­ity have per­me­ated our cul­ture and shaped the indus­try for decades.”


2013. On the cat­walk at his autumn/winter 2013 show, with Kar­lie Kloss and Mag­dalena Frackowiak.


2014. Tay­lor Swift in Oscar de la Renta at the 2014 Met Ball.

2014 SJP

2014. Sarah Jes­sica Parker wore a custom-made Oscar de la Renta gown to the Met Ball, a cre­ation signed by the artist himself.