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The New Priority: Self-Care, and Your Hair

Humanity has swiftly and mercilessly been brought to its knees by an elusive virus and there’s no doubt that everyone is suffering. If you’ve not been infected with COVID-19 you are obviously extremely fortunate; but the very things we must do to protect ourselves from the disease are not easy for anyone to manage. Seriously, there is not enough Xanax on the planet for such an eventuality.

We’ve all had to adjust, and pretty quickly too. An unfamiliar lifestyle is born, one where an increasing number of people are attempting to isolate from others, or they’re working remotely, or both…and with many businesses being closed and services being cancelled, time somehow melts together similar to a Salvador Dali painting.

Weekdays become indistinguishable from weekends. Holidays take on less significance if we even remember them at all—Monday is Memorial Day, for example—and the numbers on the calendar just slip away like so much sand through your fingers.

Thus, a new priority emerges. In this age as we detach from each other, we must take care of ourselves. Self-care is even more important than it has been in the past, yet seemingly more unattainable than ever in a strange universe devoid of hairdressers, manicurists and aestheticians.

But there are many healthy and productive ways to honor yourself when the salons and spas are closed for business, and now, we have ample time to do just that. There has probably never been a better time for self-care, historically speaking. It’s a great opportunity to take better care of your skin and your hair, your bod and your mind. And I urge you all to heighten your efforts for self-care at this surreal moment in history.

Today however I’m going to talk about self-care and your hair. Your tresses are literally your crowning glory—one of the most defining features you own—and healthy hair is beautiful hair.

Now is the ideal time to give your hair a respite from hot tools, dehydrating styling products, and chemical procedures in lieu of a little TLC to nurture hair from both the inside and the outside.

That’s why you really need a two-pronged approach for gorgeous hair. It’s a given that you must take care of it externally of course, with wonderful quality topical products that smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft and don’t strip it of its natural moisture and luster.

But you also need to feed it from within with good nutrition and supplements. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to my favorite new beauty secret: Nutrafol.Nutrafol is a botanical supplement using pure plant therapy to improve hair growth, texture and overall health. The clinical trials of the supplement are undeniably impressive with 100% who saw an improvement in hair growth after nine months; 76% who saw noticeable growth of new hair; and 80% who saw an improvement in hair thickness. Just look at these before and after pics!

The good news is Nutrafol really works. The bad news is, it takes time because it works as your hair grows out, so it’s kind of a long-term commitment, as well as an added expense to your beauty budget. But the good news is that now is the perfect time to invest in such long-term solutions for your hair while we’re on lockdown.

Using medical-grade, clinically-tested botanicals like Saw Palmetto, Ashwagandha and Curcumin, Nutrafol attacks the three known major triggers that compromise hair growth, including inflammation, stress and hormonal imbalance. It also targets poor hair health and makes a significant difference in about three to six months. You should notice thicker, shinier, more luxurious hair in that period of time.

Ask your dermatologist which formula is right for you. Or go to the Nutrafol website and take their handy quiz. There are three blends: one for women; one for men; and one for women before, during and after menopause.

Order Nutrafol directly via their website as part of a monthly subscription for $79 a month, which gives you a 10% discount off the single-bottle price. Please note I am not paid or compensated in any way by Nutrafol. I’m just an ordinary woman, now with extraordinary hair. Thank you very much.

Ciao for now, from your favorite fashionista.


  • Opal Nelson

    I really liked this article. Thinning hair is so aging. I’m definitely going to try these out. BTW, it’s really a well-written piece.

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