The Net Effect…Veils: Socially-Relevant Fashion, Made Beautiful

As America approaches nearly 100,000 dead from the coronavirus pandemic and with an embarrassing federal response, our current social and cultural atmosphere is undeniably berserk. Let’s face it: even an episode of Twilight Zone isn’t this trippy. I kinda feel like Mother Nature has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done, and what we’ve become.

To be honest with you, I really don’t want everything to go back to the way it was. Too intimate, too close, too many hugs and kisses; “I love you, Darling,” thrown around like a frisbee. Too fast, too hectic. No time for reflection, no thought, no contemplation, no time for self; too much of everything, but nothing important. It all becomes meaningless.

If someone had told me back in December that people would be wearing masks and bandanas in the year 2020, I would have split my side laughing and called them an okie. Funny, how things turn out.

Some people are trying their hardest to make masks look less freak and more chic, but frankly, I don’t care what kind of textile you use, or how many flowers or feathers you add, they still look dreadful to me.

The Center for Disease Control recommends social distancing, face masks and gloves for protection from this virus right now. However, I want something that protects my entire face, including my eyes, and something that helps me refrain from touching it, something that looks a little more sophisticated.

Plus, I want to keep people at a distance, something more….shall we say….imposing. Something that establishes my personal space from people in a way that only a bold fashion statement can. And that is why lately, I’ve been wearing…a veil. Sporty types may refer to this as a ‘head net.’ Whatever you call it, veil or head net, the great thing about them is, you can wear them a variety of ways and with any type of style, and still be in style.

Personally, I’m having a major Daphne Guinness moment as I experiment with all kinds of tulle and netting, draped and bound about my head either casually or formally, with a hat or not, as part of my new look. I love how mysterious and noir it looks, especially in black like the photos from the Armani runway, below.

And I’m just so crazy about it that I very well might keep it around long after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Veils have been worn for centuries in many different cultures, and they’re making a comeback with the coronavirus because they really help to prevent you from touching your face and aid in social distancing, trust me on that one, lol.

Newsweek and The Mercury News have recently published articles about veils, or head nets, and their role as “the next weapon in the coronavirus fight.” They’re available at REI online or you can also get them on Amazon. I’m predicting a comeback for veils!


  • Lynette Pater

    Great morning read.
    Thankyou Shannon
    I’m using veiling in my
    next project , why becos I loooove it !
    Stay Well XX

  • Bella Donna

    The veil is mt best friend in dance and fashion and you can breathe through it. I’ve been dancing with them forever and yes now as an alternative to suffocating masks.

  • brenda crow

    im just getting into huge turbans with added netting?i love wearing them in the streets of london..hopefully one day someone will notice me at 66….yessss so full of ideas.

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