Cosmetics Crush: I’m Smitten With My ‘Sevelin Seven’

Hi guys, it’s me, Shan! I love discovering new talent in the art of fashion or unearthing a cool new product in the world of beauty, and recently I’ve added yet another important contact to my personal database: savvy international makeup artist, Duane Sevelin.

Duane is a gifted visionary and really knows his stuff. With a combined 40 years in the industry both making faces and styling shoots, he now puts his very elite creative skills—skills ordinarily reserved for models—to use in a very beneficial way for the modern woman who wants to look chic and current. Duane recently launched the brand-spankin-new, Sevelin Cosmetics, and I for one could not be any more thrilled.

It’s important during these grim times to pamper yourself at least a little, if not a lot. While the world as we know it is officially unravelling and there is seemingly no quick fix in sight, sometimes it’s the littlest things that can bring a bit of happiness and keep you from feeling nihilistic or maladjusted. With society gradually opening back up again, it’s the ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a colorful bauble or a beautiful lip color to brighten your day as well as your mood. Cosmetics have been used since antiquity and for good reason. They transform, they enhance, they make us feel better.

I was so happy to get my Sevelin Cosmetics in the mail recently, and have since tested them and subsequently incorporated quite a few into my ever-expansive wardrobe of primping products. I call them my Sevelin Seven. And now….allow me to show them to you!

1.-3. I love, love, *love* my Sevelin Sevelips Moisturecreme Lipsticks, $18.50 each. So much so, that I have three of them and I’m crazy about them all. The formula just glides right on providing the perfect amount of opacity and a hefty dose of moisture. I’m way into the poppy palette right now, and Duane’s refined eye for color comes in quite handy in this instance.

I totally covet ‘Tropicale’ because it can be really tricky trying to find a bright yet pale coral. Tropicale is precisely that! Creamy and luscious with a bit of a ’60s vibe, it looks great with a cat-eye and lashes, or on a bare face with freckles! Such a versatile color, Tropicale looks fresh and appropriate on any complexion. Fabulous.

Then there’s the perenially-pink Speightstown, which is a hot, bright, poppy pink and of course every girl needs a relevant red, so I must introduce you to Zoe, a saturated blue-red that is sincerely spectacular on a pale countenance.

All of the extremely wearable colors are richly-pigmented and made with the same cruelty-free, plant-based, ultra-hydrating formula which includes avocado, jojoba, and grapeseed oils, plus yummy shea butter, among other gorgeous goodies. Sevelips Moisturecreme Lipsticks can also boast a smooth application and great performance, ie.–exceptional longevity, no curdling, no bleeding….and at a decent price point, too! Love them!

4. A well-known staple in the business, a Dual Powder/Foundation is a total lifesaver in a slim convertible compact. Sevelin’s powder foundation effortlessly knocks out red and provides fantastic coverage while still looking natural and feeling silky, not cakey. It comes in 14 flattering shades and the color swatches on the Sevelin site are true-to-tone. It’s got a matte finish and absorbs excess oils. Use it wet or, as I prefer it, dry. Either way, just flip up the convertible case and use the accompanying sponge to stiple on a buildable coverage. You can decide just how far you want to take it. Layer it over Duane’s Total Coverage Concealer for a flawless finish.

5. Total Coverage Concealer & Cover is a high-def, moisturizing concealer that is perfectly nude on the skin, not drying or chalky. You can use it on problem areas, under the eyes, or to cover tattoos, razor burn, or even textured skin. Essential!

6.-7. And finally, I love a shimmery, jewel-toned eye. Duane’s Seveliner Liquid Liner Pen, $18.50, in ‘Electric’ is a majestic midnight that reads not quite black and pairs perfectly with his Paint Dust Loose Mineral Eye Shadow pigment, a tantalizing teal mineral powder that carries a heavyweight iridescence like that of peacock plumage! And don’t it make my brown eyes blue? This liner, plus the loose pigment…..such a great combo! Your perfect jewel-toned eye awaits.

Thanks Duane! I definitely have a cosmetics crush on you! And I adore my stellar ‘Sevelin Seven.’ Discover your ‘Sevelin Seven’ here.

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  • Duane

    thank you so much Shannon. I am so thrilled that I will offer your readers a special price for any sevelin product wishing you so much success. you are a gifted writer and make me look soooooo good XXXXX

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