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Top Trend Prediction: Facial Jewelry

Givenchy facial jewelry 1

Models for Givenchy floated down the runway with a new form of embellishment that I’m deeming one of the most exciting forthcoming trends, ever: facial jewelry. This is my bet for the single most important innovation that has sprung from the 2015 fall fashion collections. Other things, we have seen before—whether it be the certain swing of a silhouette or a particular texture of a textile…Facial jewelry, however, is something so unique and unchartered that I’m completely thrilled to write about it, and even more curious to see where this no doubt novel and unique trend may surface again and yet again, as I am wagering it eventually will.

Givenchy facial jewelry 2

The brilliant makeup artist Pat McGrath adhesed pearls and gems to the models’ faces as per requested by Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci, who wanted to embellish them.

Givenchy facial jewelry

“He gave us the jewelry,” McGrath stated, “but we had to work out how it would stay on,” she continued, “because it was quite weighty,” and the process took more than six hours to complete. Because some of the septum piercings almost resemble a handlebar moustache, I am actually preferential to the facial embellishments we witnessed at John Galliano’s brilliant debut for Maison Margiela just months ago, below. This art was also crafted by Pat McGrath.

Galliano 1

I adore the dramatic smoky gem-encrusted eye above and the shellacked gold-leafing on the model’s hair. Talk about exotique!

 Pat mcgrath for galliano at margiela

And just look at the workmanship above, also from Galliano’s debut! On the model, left: a beaded brow, giant clusters of gems, shimmering eyeshadow and a glistening golden hairline; on the model, right: a face covered with pearls and sparkling stones! I love the way they drape across the forehead and the cheekbones, and hang with an asymmetrical precision off one side of the model, where here, the face truly is a canvas!


I am so fascinated by the concept of facial jewelry, and so curious to see how it will evolve. And if you’re like me, and you want to start experimenting with facial jewlery but you’re not quite as artistic (or patient) as Pat McGrath and her staff of talented makeup artists, here is a little secret: the jewelry doesn’t have to be attached to the face with glue or piercings….Do you remember my friend Marianna Harutunian? She is the jeweler I wrote about back in 2014, and she…is…fabulous! Read my article from last September here, where I introduce you to Marianna and I discuss the future face of jewelry.

But first, check out these jaw-dropping jewels that just garnered her heavy praise from moi, personally! Here is a way to incorporate the facial jewelry trend without the bother of time-consuming methods, sticky glue, or piercings! Just look at this headdress, below, on Scandinavian star Laleh in her video “Colors,” styled and directed by Bea Åkerlund!!!

Laleh face shot


Isn’t it positively ethereal?!?! I could see this headpiece as a veil alternative for a rebel bride…or an accessory worn by a fashionista at a formal event like a fund-raising banquet for a chic cause, or perhaps to the opera or some such…or even on the beach, for an haute couture moment! It’s super sexy!!!


Laleh s fingers

This shot from the same video by Laleh, above, shows even more of Marianna’s breathtaking work! Note the crystal fingernail armor on each tip and that insane hand harness! I need these in my life!!! Marianna, are you listening? 

(AND……as a quick but profound aside, Marianna’s agent told me that the accessories director at Alexander McQueen in London left a message for her! Hmmm….what could be brewing there? I will keep you posted if I hear, my darlings!)

Now, go read that article I wrote about Marianna, before you forget! Don’t worry, fashion can get me all ADD sometimes, too!

Until next time…Peace. Love. Beauty.




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