Clothes Crush: Italian Fashion Designer Sylvio Giardina

Sylvio giardina coat 2015 2016

Hi guys! I am totally crushing on this fabulous coat by Italian artist and fashion designer, Sylvio Giardina!!! Isn’t it just spectacular?

I realize that summer is just around the corner and high temperatures are eminent….but it’s never too early to plan ahead with regard to fashion! I just discovered this coat and fell head-over-heels in love! Imagine the couture scene you could create in this stylish offering from Sylvio’s 2015-2016 fall collection! I will wear it with leather leggings or a leather mini-skirt and thick textured tights! It is so decidedly ‘now,’ what with the current black-and-white trend that you’re seeing all around the European runways. This coat is just heavenly….

Sylvio, who created his namesake brand in 2011, is truly an artist, and that is a fact. You see, the search for a new silhouette is the philosophy of his work. Classic shapes of the body are eliminated to create other, new ones. While doing a lot of experimentation, Sylvio never loses sight of the main function that the clothes must be wearable. He believes that you must find a balance between creativity and production.

For Sylvio Giardina, “art is the inspiration, and fashion is the instrument,” he stated. “These are not separate entities, but complementary and indispensable to one another.” Wow, now that’s an intelligent approach to beauty. Thanks, Sylvio…and can you ship that coat to me, STAT?!? I’m planning ahead, Darling. xxx


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