The New Ponytail

Ponytail 1


Well it would seem that an old/new trend is back, and it’s a school-day staple: the ponytail. Yes, the ponytail is back in fashion, worn smooth and sleek at Carolina Herrera’s fall 2015 show, below, as envisioned by stylist Orlando Pita.


Leather wrapped ponytails 


The hair is pulled into a low pony, secured, and then wrapped tightly with silver leather for an elegant finish.

Guido Palau, British-born hair stylist and trendsetter, featured the pony at Dior, below, where hip-length extensions were added in and the pony was wrapped with its own hair for a sleek and modern look.


Dior ponytails 2015


Try this chic way to conceal an elastic, as seen on Kim and J. Lo, below:

Section off a small chunk of hair just below the base of your ponytail. Once you’ve secured the pony, wrap the remaining hair around the base, using pins as needed.

Kim and j lo


Glamourous, yet simple!








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