How To Buy Lashes & Apply Them Like A Pro

One of the greatest mistakes women make when choosing lashes is buying huge spidery plastic lashes with a thick dark band that make them look like a drag queen in bad makeup. That is the danger of buying cheap lashes like the ones pictured below.


Lash Republic lashes, with thin or invisible bands, below, will look beautifully natural, but they are also pricey.


If you cannot afford the gorgeous Lash Republic lashes, look for a feathery, light lash in your drugstore that will give a similar effect, or, since lashes can get picked over quickly in the stores, you can search Amazon. I like Ardell lashes in number 110, below.


You can get four-packs at Amazon for $10.49, which boils down to a little over $2.50 per set of lashes, which is not bad, but you should still be able to re-use the lashes for a few days if you take good care of them. Never sleep in lashes, as it will crimp and destroy them.

To make your lashes last, you will want to make sure that you apply them carefully and store them on their tray so they can be reused. First, I recommend removing the lash from the tray by pulling it with your thumb along the length of the lash to release it from the tray without distorting the shape of the lash. It’s easy to crimp the lash if you remove it with a pair of tweezers. Your finger is the best tool for this job.

In choosing lash glue, I favor the new clear glue with the convenient brush-on applicator by Ardell, $3.25, available at Amazon and drug stores. Because you only need a hairline of glue for the job, the brush applicator makes this very achievable. Using too much glue is an easy mistake to make; thankfully this new packaging puts an end to this.


The key is to have an even distribution of glue along the spine of the lash so that it adheres neatly to the base of your lashline. In addition, if you apply the glue evenly and sparingly, when you remove the lash, the glue will peel off in one clean strip so you can re-use the lash without a mess of surplus dried glue all over the lash band.

While the glue is getting tacky, go ahead and apply your mascara. By the time you apply your mascara on one eye, the lash should be ready for placement.


This is where Lash Republic’s great eyelash placement tool, above, comes in. This tool makes it so easy to wedge the lash right on top of your natural lashline, as shown below.


Pinch your natural lashes together with the false lashes. Repeat with the other eye. And remember, practice makes perfect so wear your lashes often!

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