The Perfect At-Home Manicure With Deborah Lippmann


Hi guys, I am so happy to report that my fingernails look long and healthy again! As a lifelong nail biter, that is quite an accomplishment for me. For all my gorgeous girlfriends who have a propensity to pick or find it challenging not to chew–especially Jess, Helen, Dalen and Danielle–check out my great article titled Nail Biters Anonymous. It is rich in information that will help you grow a healthy set of ten in no time, and it’s dedicated to all my beautiful friends.

I’ll tell you one thing, regular manicures really helped me in my mission. But it can get rather expensive (and time consuming!) sitting in the salon once a week. Now that my nails look nice again I will be going to the salon less, in lieu of at-home manicures.

That’s why I’m going to share some pointers for your pointers from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. We are going to watch her video on home manicuring and I’ll show you some of my favorite colors from her collection. But first, let’s meet Deborah.

Deborah “holds hands,” as she puts it, with the elite, the rich, and the fabulous. Below are just a few shots from her amazing portfolio. All manicures by Deborah Lippmann.


Deborah’s client list reads like the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame–we’re talking Cher, Renee Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker and the list goes on. Deborah has collaborated with these aforementioned cinema beauties, as well as fashion designers like Narciso Rodriguez, on new polish colors in her eponymous line of luxury hand and foot products. “We partner and create their vision,” Deborah said. “Pretty cool.” And indeed the eclectic array of brilliant, subdued and sparkly nail colors are both pretty and cool, and overwhelms cosmetic junkies like me with giddy delight.

“A lot of people aren’t aware that there is a difference in nail lacquer,” Deborah stated, “but there is. In my nail color you’ll find incredible ingredients, like Aucoumea Klaineana (for deterring ridges) and biotin (promotes nail growth)…you will not find the harmful ingredients—toluene, dibutyl phthalates, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin. My polish also dries quickly, it’s super shiny, and most importantly, it stays on the nail.”

Yes, I want one in every color, but at $16-$18 per bottle, the cost for remaining current with color trends can get expensive. So here are some of the colors from my personal Deborah Lippmann nail polish collection. Photographs do not represent how beautiful they really are.


Believe, above, was developed with Cher and is a shimmering golden beige. Absolutely beautiful.


I love my Sugar Daddy, above. It has the most fabulous mirrored chrome finish. You must try it on to appreciate how stunning it makes your nails look.


Every girl needs a rich blue-red like Lady is a Tramp, above. This is a great festive holiday red and a must for your nail color wardrobe.


Just Walk Away Renee, above, was developed with Renee Zellweger. It’s a beautiful deep shade—deeper than your ordinary red, it sometimes looks black. I call it black cherry. I love this one so much.


Some Enchanted Evening is a sparkly salmon pink. Looks insane layered over a rose gold polish.


Every pale-skinned beauty needs a rich blue sparkle to wear over black, chrome, or navy polish. I just love the look of Lady Sings the Blues, above.


Fashion, a Hollywood favorite, comes off more fleshy than the grayish taupe you see above. It’s the number one request at the runway shows by the designers for their models. I love it too; it’s perfect for the modern Nude Nail.

Now, onto the At-Home Manicure With Deborah Lippmann. Her products are great, and her technique is flawless. Watch and learn.

Next week: more on The Nude Nail. I’m going to show you the new neutral that is trumping the French manicure. You’ll love it. See you around.

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