Get Angelina Eyes With Lash Republic Lashes


I am so excited to have in my possession the same exact style and brand of lashes that Angelina Jolie wears when she wants to look extra glam. They are by Australia’s Lash Republic, and wow are they gorgeous! Lash Republic lashes, by creator Aleksandra Stefanovski, are the celebrities’ choice.

The trick to getting Angelina eyes, you see, is to wear two pairs of lashes for that sultry effect. First, you want a full strip lash like Lash Republic’s ExactFit in Femme Fatale, below.


This is a beautifully-tapered, fringy lash that adds flirty volume and length to your ordinary lashes. Then–and this is the Hollywood Secret–you use corner lashes on the outer edge, and presto! Instant sex-symbol at the blink of an eye! Catty Cashmere quarter lashes, below, are Angelina’s choice.


Stay tuned for the easiest way to apply false lashes. I have secrets that will make application a breeze every time with a cool tool from Lash Republic. You’ll love how great your eyes will look with sexy Lash Republic lashes! Talk to you soon xxx

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