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How Shall Beauty Save the World?


Check out this striking portrait of gorgeous model Anna Marie Braun for Beauty Shall Save the World, wearing Oscar de la Renta in a demolished rain forest. The dichotomy of such rare beauty in an ugly world is a powerful one.

In the midst of today’s global chaos, we must look to beauty to save us. Quite simply, it is all we have.

That’s what Russian writer & philosopher Fyodor Dostoevsky meant when he made the famous statement, “Beauty shall save the world,” and therein lies our own philosophy.

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Beauty Shall Save the World would like to thank Bill Delzell of Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco and Ellisa Worley of City Model Management, San Francisco.

Fashion Stylist: Konrad Janus for Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco; Hair and Makeup: Sarah Hyde for sHe Artists; Photography: Danielle Fletcher Photography; Art Direction and Photo Manipulation: Shannon McGovern.

So how do you think beauty shall save the world? We invite your comments.

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