Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau: An Amazing Base


Lingerie pour votre visage? Oui! We are still loving Guerlain’s amazing liquid foundation, Lingerie de Peau. After months of testing, we are ready to endorse this luxurious yet task-oriented base. It’s so light and velvety, with amazing coverage and good, lasting performance. The formula is quite water-resistant and boasts SPF 20 via the physical sunscreen titanium dioxide and the chemical blocker Octinoxate.

Lingerie de Peau just glides on seamlessly and looks so natural, even though it comes in only nine shades. We’ve turned several friends onto this foundation, and everyone loves it. Despite radically different skin types and colors, we all have managed to meet our match in Guerlain. The colors really are so fleshy and flattering.

guerlain-lingerie-de-peau.jpgThe formula dries matte. You don’t have to rub and rub, blending away fingerprints or streaks of warpaint. This is one liquid foundation that’s worth every penny.

Wear it over sunscreen, under mineral makeup, or just plain solo. It looks great every way and continues to outperform any liquid foundation we have tested. It just looks great.

Lingerie de Peau, $56, is available at select department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • melanie - m boutique photography

    I must add that having used this product and another I would love to draw your attention to, I can honestly say that there is a french line called “Bourgeois” that I cannot get enough of. Their Fonde de tient is called “Ten Hour Sleep effect” and it is amazing. Same sheer feel with excellent coverage. I use this with clients for boudoir phtogoraphy and the shades are perfect! Use this with the cover FX line Brightening primer (with SPF 50) and you will be blown away. Can’t say enough for their smokey eye liners and 3d effect lip glosses. The line is ridiculously affordable…and rivals my favorites such as NARS for their eye and blush pigments 🙂

    Merci pour votre blog- C’est magnifique!

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