Big Press on a Tiny Tool

Picture 108.pngThe eyebrows create a frame for the eyes and help shape your face. It is hard to overemphasize the importance of them.

Alcone knows this and has created a tool that is a necessity for every beauty insider.

“The Twissor is one of my personal favorites as an artist.  I use them for trimming the eyebrow hairs,” said makeup artist Kim Barnes.

“These little scissors are the perfect size to allow you to trim the hairs without over trimming,” she added.

Ordinary scissors are too big and cumbersome, “and can cause you to take a chunk out of your brows,” Kim said.

To avoid holes and gaps, and for unprecedented precision, the Twissor has tiny sharp blades that are tilted at an angle to slide underneath delicate areas and individual hairs.

The little trimmers are so precise that Kim uses them to trim false eyelashes too, “especially when I need the lash to fit a client’s eye in order to make them appear natural,” she said.

The Twissor will save the day, shaping lashes hair by hair with ease.

And although it may not seem glamorous, the Twissor comes in handy when trimming hair in the nose, too, according to Kim. “It helps give you control when working on the most delicate areas of the face, especially the nose.  Nobody likes nose hair. Nobody!”

Pick up a pair or two of Twissors, $18, at

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