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iStock_000009776030XSmall.jpgAlcone’s new lustworthy 185-page book hit the desks of Beauty Shall Save the World yesterday, and like a cat with a mirror ball we were enamored for hours.

This oversized catalog is a truly impressive offering from the New York makeup store.

“Everything you need,” the cover boasts, and rightfully so; within the glossy pages can be found the ever-elusive Albolene cream, lashes galore, the Twissor and the Preo Japanese Eyelash Curler, amazing hi-def foundations, and hundreds of celebrity and makeup artist favorites. You can get character and prosthetic makeup, special effects, wigs and facial hair, clown white setting powder…the mind boggles.

It is this combination of oddities, necessities, and luxuries which makes Alcone impossibly cool, including on page 142 a tempting array of 14 styles of hair pins, like matte Bobbie pins, Toy pins, and even Gloria pins, otherwise known as Amazon or Geisha Pins.

We love the Mini/Mini cotton swabs, which are super tiny firm Q-tips for precision shadow/liner effects, lash application, error swab and countless other tasks–everyone should have them, they are always coming in handy–on page 104.

“The swabs are a girl’s best friend,”  stated Alcone artist Kim Barnes, “great for cleaning up eyeliner, any smudges underneath the lower lash line, or for smudging eyeliner for a smokey eye,” she said.

Kim also recommends them for softening overdrawn brows. “Swipe the swab a few times over the brow to lessen the effect, leaving you with a softer, more natural look.”

“They are great for cleaning up around the mouth when using a strong lip color, a must-have for the perfect red lip,” she added.

“I love using them when cleaning up nail polish around the fingernail edges,” Kim said, “perfect for those at-home manicures.”

There are pages upon pages of sponges, palettes, stackables and jars, brushes and brush rolls, professional kits…and where else can you find Ben Nye cake eyeliner in seven–yes, seven–colors?!

Tune into Beauty Shall Save the World every day this week for fresh content celebrating Alcone, with tips and quotes from owner Vinny Mallardi and his sister, store manager Maria Mallardi.

Every makeup aficionado needs this catalog, from fashion to fantasy to theater artist. Download it at

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