Lipchic: Vague Name for a Great Product

B781CB64-C9EA-44DA-AB45-76387D11078A.jpgLipchic is a clear lipstick sealant that really works. It keeps lipstick staying put all day, without lipstick marks on drinking glasses, shirt collars, and men.

It even aids in the lipstick bleed issue, which becomes a growing challenge with age.

Lipchic comes like a little bottle of clear nail polish, complete with the nail polish-style wand. The potion is thin and clear like water.

You just brush the Lipchic on, following the directions in the package. It takes about a minute of time and really helps lower the reapplication of your lipstick.

Lipchic doesn’t even change the color, texture or finish of your lipstick. It feels the same. Smudgeproof yet flexible, your lips will feel completely natural.

After a while, you realize the immortality of your own lipstick and start to get cocky, but no matter how many times you lick your lips…despite countless cocktails…Lipchic won’t come off until you take it off.

Said Maria Mallardi, makeup artist and store manager at Alcone in New York, “Lipchic is a great product in the industry to keep your lipstick on during those kissing scenes and brides find it just as valuable for their big day as well.”

But don’t reserve Lipchic for special occasions only. At $18.50 a bottle it’s not exactly cheap, but we like to wear it every day.

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