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Put A Flower in Your Hair, Please: An Argument

Spring has sprung here in America, and there’s a significant fashion trend that’s been sweeping the globe. Enter the floral motif. Many designers have been doing it — one of my favorites is Vietnamese fashion designer Do Manh Cuong, below left, and his bold, moulded florals. I love the way designers are fashioning roses out of fabric for a three-dimensional effect.

Above right, British couturier Richard Quinn’s delicacies, albeit decidedly dark — offer a different take on the floral theme. I absolutely adore his 2022 tribute to the Queen of England, featuring bloated black leather roses and sheer, dotted veils, which have the grieving vibe of a decadent funeral.

But there’s nothing melancholy about my new fashion fascination, my accessory du jour. It’s so easy, so versatile and best yet, totally cost-effective for every girl. And it’s undeniably pretty. Please, this summer, just put a flower in your hair. Or two, or three.

I’m going to come out and say it: You will look so of-the-moment and beautiful. Be it big, be it small, be it one or many, flowers in the hair are where it’s at. You won’t even need a stitch of jewelry. It’s fun, festive, flirtatious….and ideal for festival season and all your summer parties by the pool!

Your flower, and how you position it or them, will determine the mood you will achieve. Go demure or couture! A sarong and sandals, for example, would look great with a tropical orchid or brilliant hibiscus behind one ear. Ethnic hair looks irresistible with floral charm, as seen in the marigold-studded afro puffs, above. And certain blooms, like roses, daisies and sunflowers, are iconic and eternal for everyone. Wear one stark blossom in a wayward bun, and boom, you’re done. Or put a cluster of blossoms atop a high pony, or punctuate a long braid with a chain of baby’s breath only, for a fresh, frankly feminine look.

Get creative! Play with scale and materials. Experiment. Blooms look great any which way, they are so now. Wear them with vintage for a nostalgic charm, or a Zimmerman sundress for Easter elegance, or with denim cut offs and Birkenstocks as the quintessential flower girl. Listen, you can’t go wrong.

Now that you are convinced that a single flower at the very least is a mandatory accessory for your summer wardrobe, here’s a word on picking your flower or flowers.

Choose flowers that contrast with your hair and make your eyes pop. In other words, if you’re a raven-haired beauty and you want to jump on the dark floral trend ala the aforementioned Richard Quinn, please do not choose black roses because even though they may seem poetic, they will not contrast with dark tresses and may read as awkward, not awesome. And keep in mind that they def will not photograph well. Opt instead for light or bright flowers. Conversely, a wheat-colored arrangement, no matter how tasteful, might recede on a blondie; however, she, on the other hand, could easily rock that dark floral motif due to her pale coloring. 

If creativity is not your forte, you may want to buy your flowers ready-made. But be prepared to spend more than if you make the accessories yourself. For craft-minded girls who want to do it on-the-cheap, buy your flowers at the art and craft stores or a fabric place and figure it out.

But, if you’re flush with cash, you’ve got to see the hair accessories by Lelet in general and specifically their gorgeous floral hair accessories, reimagined in creative and luxe materials, such as silk organza, denim…even leather, like this robust ruby rose, above! I just love the fresh look of flowers in the hair.

And yes, you could also wear your flower as a choker, like everyone else. But….why?

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