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Mother’s Day Presents of Greatness: For the Fashionable Chef & The Stylish Hostess

This year, Mother’s Day is all about self care, as I explained in my last article, so all the gifts on the blog will provide you with some highly creative ideas for taking care of Mom, while she continues to selflessly care for others. But we’re bypassing the basic ideas — for example, you’ll find no pedestrian perfumes in this list; all the gifts are super unique and different.

And now, for the Fashionable Chef & the Stylish Hostess:

Cynthia Rowley is one of my many, many favorite designers. This woman has thought of everything. You may remember me pining over her silver pleather pants a few months ago, but what she does for the home cook and the stylish hostess is equally sterling. I absolutely *love* her extra-long quilted oven mitts, $105, which weigh in at a formidable, arm-protecting, 20 full inches long! Not only this, but they also come in a bevy of beautiful charming prints! What better way to give Mom the subtle hint that you want some of her famous chocolate chip cookies, than by making it easy-as-pie for her to execute?

With a generous reach that ascends to nearly the elbow, these stylish oven mitts really protect the entire arm from scalding burns, and allow for the farthest oven-reaching, in the chicest manner possible! My favorites are the festive orange ones, seen below.

But I’m also quite fond of the cheerful strawberry print….Ideal for easy summer baking!

Cynthia even makes a strawberry print apron, $115, to match the aforementioned! How precious is this?!?! Ain’t it just so sweet?

Mom will surely trot out all the delicious food fares now that she has the accouterments for the duties, literally, on hand! Stay tuned my fellow fashionistas, I have more stellar presents of greatness for Mom on Mother’s Day, coming up! It’s Your Girl Shan, at your service! Talk soon.

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