Mother’s Day Presents of Greatness: Gifts For the Avid Reader

Hi guys! Speaking of greatness, Mother’s Day is a week from today and I’m at-the-ready to provide gifts galore for the most paramount person in your life, dear old Mom! I think the self-care trend is a worthwhile movement nowadays, so all the gifts on the blog will relate to mom on that wonderful, nurturing note. But we’re bypassing the basics — you’ll find no room for perfume in this series; all the gifts are very unique, but more importantly, uniquely suited for mom! So enjoy!

For the Intellect-Meets-Aesthete:

There is more to beauty than lipstick and lashes. May I suggest: Gifts for a Beautiful Mind. For the avid reader, and the intellect-meets aesthete on your list, gift mom a classic banned book or a new brainy endeavor to devour, teamed with a beautiful bookmark.

Italian jewelry designer Elsa Peretti crafts the most clever sterling heart bookmarks, pictured below. They are designed like a giant paperclip, but fashioned from a most arresting and luxe material — sterling silver — in the lovely, lyrical shape of a giant abstract heart.

Now Mom can keep her place in the most stylish way. And as a quick aside, this is the *only* way that a woman should keep her place! So girls, perhaps you should order *two* bookmarks: One for mom and one for yourself! Remember, no one can stop an educated woman….And after all, two hearts are better than one. Mas amore!

What bibliophile would not adore marking their spot amidst a good read with one of these fashionable placeholders? They make dog-earing appear downright desecrating and are a beautiful embellishment for any literary endeavor. I love mine. It comes boxed in the most beautiful Tiffany & Co., robin’s egg blue felt pouch, to prevent tarnishing and protect the bookmark. Pure elegance!


And now for a good book to accompany the gorgeous bookmarks for your beloved intellect. Nobel prize winner Neil deGrasse Tyson shares his list of books every intelligent person should read:

The Bible; The System of the World (Newton); On the Origin of Species (Darwin); Gulliver’s Travels (Swift); The Age of Reason (Paine); The Wealth of Nations (Smith); The Art of War (Sun Tsu); The Prince (Machiavelli).

“If you read all of the works above, you will have profound insight into most of what has driven the history of the western world,” he said.

The marriage of an artistic creation that feeds the soul with classic literature that nourishes the mind will undoubtedly produce a unique and customized gift that will not be forgotten. What an intelligent approach to beauty. Well ciao for now……I’ll see you around. 😉

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