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Brush With Greatness: Why Buy The Philip B. Hairbrush?

Hi guys! I’ve been *attempting* to grow my hair extremely long for an extremely long time. Finally, I’m gaining length and volume galore and I’m so happy to share my secrets with you. Now if you find yourself in this position, you may be quietly wondering, “What can I do to facilitate hair growth and combat these awkward growing pains?” Or perhaps you simply have an appreciation for the finer things and you’re in the mood for a quick brush-up on the best in hairbrushes and how to care for them. Either way, that’s where Philip B. comes in. His paddle hairbrush, $190, below, is unmatched.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a huge chunk of change for a hairbrush. I can get a hairbrush at Target for under ten bucks.

Allow me to challenge your position. A hairbrush is the truest expression of “You get what you pay for.” This is abundantly evident, moreso than almost any other beauty tool that I can think of. Yes, you heard me right. A *good* hairbrush, a *quality* hairbrush, is an investment…..and it’s something that you will come to cherish for years and years if you take proper care of it.

Not only will a decent hairbrush detangle hair and makes it gleaming and manageable, yes, but it also cleans the scalp by loosening dead skin and product residue, gently, while absorbing and distributing sebum down the hair shaft. This helps natural oils, the essential food for the hair, to travel down to the ends where it’s driest, with the aid of pure boar bristles to add luster, and tufts of crystal nylon pins for exceptional detangling.

The combined bristles work in tandem to enhance circulation for better scalp health, meaning, more hair growth and paranormal shine! With a base fashioned from sustainable, polished mahogany, the ergonomic handle makes this brush a cinch for blowouts and everyday, basic grooming.

A cheap plastic vent, or an inferior drugstore brush, or a brush with rubber bristles and balls on the tips, will shred your ends, snap your new length right off, and basically, ignore your scalp entirely. Trust me, there’s just no comparison. The magnificent Philip B. Paddle Brush really massages and stimulates the scalp, where the literal root of the problem often starts.

While you’re investing in better hair, you might as well pick up a very clever Hairbrush Cleaner, $30, also at Philip B. I’ve written about this little gadget before and I maintain that it is utter genius. A miniature rake of stainless steel prongs clears hair and debris completely out of your fancy brush, so that it can do its fancy job. Now that’s what’s up.

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