A Prelude To Becoming Purple

Well it seems like no one can agree on anything any more. Where I sit here in America, the nation is terribly divided, and the blue team, team Democrats, are fighting an uphill battle against the red team, team Republicans.

The underlying philosophy of my life’s work is that of peace, love, and beauty. That’s my mantra. So if I could just put the blues in a blender with the reds, and mix them all up together, what would likely ensue is a beautiful mess of one of my favorite colors: purple.

I wish world peace was that easy. But, I digress. This is a style reader, not a political forum. So let’s put aside all our differences and focus on the talking points of purple! I adore this royal hue. Mixed with the season’s hottest metallic–gold–it just looks so irresistibly off the hook right now. And I want to see more of it, don’t you?

I applaud the purple palette at brilliant couturier Nicolas Jebran, where iridescence and the aristocratic shade danced irreverently with one another on the runway. With fall fashions starting to erupt on the catwalks of New York and in the recesses of our minds, let us pray for a future with world peace…..and a world of fashions with a plentitude of purple! ☮️ 💜

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