Lashes of Longing: My Favorite Lash Serum For Naturally-Beautiful Eyelashes

I love the flirtatious, coy, frankly feminine look of individual lashes and eyelash extensions; however, I do not like the effort or the price tag, respectively, that come with the aforementioned. But now there are many serums on the market for thicker, longer, more luxurious lashes.

These serums are a real game-changer for women of all ages, especially once your lashes start to thin and break, ie.—after the age of about 17. Serums offer spectacular lashes of longing, permanently. That is, permanently as long as you use the serum, which is pretty much as good as it gets in the batting average of lashes!

These elixirs are a great alternative to gluing on strip or individual lashes, which only get removed, sadly, by the end of the day, or to having costly eyelash extensions applied, because honestly, sleeping on eyelash extensions crimps them immediately and they are a pricey addiction that’s hard to maintain.

Furthermore, it is very worth noting that when the artificial eyelash extensions fall off, or, when you remove strip lashes, they always take more than a few of your natural lashes along for the ride. Hence, you are actually losing lashes at an alarming rate and you are forced into a vicious cycle where you then need false eyelashes just to look human. You get hooked, and in my humble opinion, it’s really not worth the cost or the risk.

I urge you to consider the time element as well. Your time is truly better spent applying a quick stripe of lash serum each night than on painstakingly gluing lashes one by one, which only come off at the day’s end.

Besides, let’s get real, literally: nothing beats waking up looking effortlessly gorgeous with natural doe eyes every morning sans mascara or any other artifice. Real, natural, thick and long lashes are a youthful attribute, and an enviable one, too. And now that attribute can be yours…for a price.

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite eyelash serum, and it’s one that I do not get paid to endorse, nor do I receive any type of discount on it. It’s Rodan + Fields’ Lash Boost, $155. This is my serum of choice because it contains isopropyl cloprostenate, the prostaglandin analog which is, essentially, the drug commonly known as Latisse, originally used to help glaucoma patients.

This is the drug that inadvertently led to cosmetic usage after patients noticed a unique side effect: thicker, longer, darker lashes. In an 8-week study of Rodan + Fields’ Lash Boost, which contains a hefty dose of this compound, 90% of consumers noticed fuller lashes; 85% noticed longer lashes; and 63% noticed darker lashes.

However, in addition to the isopropyl cloprostenate, Lash Boost also contains lash conditioning agents such as panthenol, biotin, keratin and peptides, which strengthen and lengthen, as well as prevent lash breakage and fallout, making Lash Boost a healthy habit. It’s like a vitamin for your eyelashes, literally transforming them in just four weeks according to the company, although I noticed an immediate difference after just a few days. By the two-week mark, my lashes were noticeably thicker and longer. This product is too good to be true. It really works wonders for your eyelashes.

I do have a few suggestions. First, the Lash Boost works best when it is fresh product. Therefore, I encourage you to keep close track of its shelf life and discard the product two months after opening. Just FYI, the Rodan + Fields products are all sold as a 60-day supply and with a full money-back guarantee. So please be aware of this fact when you place your order. Also, you want to buy your product from a Rodan + Fields consultant. Beware of counterfeit product that you might find online cheaper. It could be inauthentic. And you know how I feel about inauthenticity!

It could take up to 12 weeks to see your maximum growth, and although I have not had any problems with the product, you should be aware that some customers have complained of darkening of the skin around the eye area. Having not experienced this, I can only recommend that you follow the instructions and apply the lash serum only once a day, at night, on clean dry eyes, before bedtime. Swipe it on like a liquid eyeliner and then blot the eye area gently so that any excess serum is removed.

You are now on your journey to Lashes of Longing…..And you can thank me later! Wink. Wink.


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