Sleeves of Interest: The Statement Sleeve

Fashion has something up its sleeves these days….and that is, the expertly-executed statement sleeve! Although many reports are flooding in that puff sleeves, also known as mutton sleeves, are now having a major moment, I see the bigger picture, both literally and figuratively.

And within that bigger picture is not merely a bigger sleeve…but also, what I like to call…Sleeves of Interest, or The Statement Sleeve. Sleeves of Interest can manifest in many a fashion, but make no mistake: they are now very much in fashion!

For Annakiki, below, sleeves were puffed to oblivion on the little white dress.

I am very fond of Zimmerman’s swollen sleeve, below, also in pure white dressing, but with the added texture of a dramatic, coarse lace for visual interest. I love the look of any dress embellished with Sleeves of Interest.

But they are an equally-fascinating trend in yet another interesting incarnation such as the kimono sleeve, below, which has intrigued for centuries.

Kimono sleeves lend an airy exoticism that is undeniably Asian, as opposed to the frankly feminine mutton sleeve or the billowing bell sleeve.

Guo Pei stunned with other-worldly confections on the Paris runway for Spring 2020, featuring epic Sleeves of Interest on numerous occasions, as seen below, embellished with many a ruffle as well as ostrich feathers aplenty.

Now *this* is what I’m talkin’ about! Sleeves of Interest, indeed! I challenge all the fashion designers to deliver new and unchartered Sleeves of Interest in their repertoire. Let’s make things interesting again! Now that’s something to look forward to!

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  • Ann-Marie Lindstrom

    Such fun pieces you share with us. The kimono sleeves are beyond wonderful, aren’t they?

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