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‘Art Beyond Beauty,’ An Avant-Garden by Einat Dan and Camilla Camaglia

I must admit I have a weakness for couture in all its various incarnations; that is, high fashion clothing and accessories, it goes without saying. But I am equally enamored of anything that’s rooted in couture or steeped with the avant-garde in the world of beauty as well, particularly in the arena of hair and cosmetics. Of course, it’s not always for every day wear….or is it?

Regardless of just how fanciful or bizarre you want to turn out, there is perhaps one woman who really nails couture makeup application like no other, in my humble opinion. That is Einat Dan of Berlin, Germany. She is a master of her craft and a pioneer. And you really have to see her new book, “Art Beyond Beauty,” which recently arrived at my doorstep.

This book is a visual feast—a parade of beauty in all its exquisite uniqueness. I call it an Avant-Garden. Einat cleverly makes faces on a bouquet of 16 gorgeous female specimens of varied ethnicities and also one extremely beautiful man—and it’s all photographed with breathtaking skill and artistic precision by Camilla Camaglia. I’m telling you…..this book is a gem!

Of course Einat can make any woman look totally fab, but she also creates looks that are stupefyingly unusual and absolutely iconic. Some of the looks defy description.

“The purpose of this book is to inspire people to think outside of the box,” Einat stated.

Einat and Camilla unequivocally prove their philosophy that you can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Unlike many things in this disposable society, creativity can be a self-renewing resource. Einat and Camilla are here to challenge you to strive for precisely that when it comes to the art of making up.

All the things I love in makeup are right here in this oversized, glossy, 12-inch-square art coffee-table book. It’s literally packed with experimental looks galore! This book is a *must* for both budding and seasoned makeup artists and every fashionista with couture sensibilities.

I love Einat’s use of white mascara, bleached brows, creative facial masking. I love the way she paints the ombre metallic face, studs the face with gems, stencils geometric designs on the face as a canvas. Of course her use of statement eyeliner is nothing short of genius, and I adore her fancy floral lashes worn for butterfly effect.

In short, this book is an utterly magnificent piece of art, and an absolute necessity for your library! No one does makeup like Einat, and her talent is matched only by Camilla’s expertly-lensed photography. The colors are saturated, the cropping is beyond incredible…..this marriage of makeup artistry and photography is nothing short of genius. Seriously inspired stuff!

If you’d like a copy of Einat’s Avant-Garden, just a quick FYI: it’s not available on Amazon. Purchase your copy of “Art Beyond Beauty” directly from Einat’s website for 55 Euros, which is $62.55 United States dollars, here.



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