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Online Self-Care Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day, Part 1: The Agony of Da Feet

Mother’s Day is two weeks from today, but it’s going to be different this year. With the coronavirus sweeping the planet, certain gifts just don’t make any sense or are impossible to give at this surreal moment in history. Department stores and florists are closed, for example; not to mention the fact that a bottle of perfume or a flower arrangement seem just a bit frivolous at a time like this.

But don’t despair. I’ve compiled a clever collection of self-care gifts that are modern and relevant—so ideal and uplifting for Mom on Mother’s Day, whether she’s self-quarantined or otherwise—and they’re all available online so you can have them shipped directly to your mom without missing a beat.

Remember, the theme this year is self-care gifts, and because Mom has always been there for you, now is your chance to give her the TLC she so richly deserves at a difficult time like this.

Mother’s Day Self-Care Gift #1: The Agony of Da Feet

With so many people hitting the trails out of sheer ennui, why not give mom something creative that she can really use when she’s walking the dog or out on a hike. Please consider…compression socks. They are the best friend a girl could have! Yes, I’m talking about socks…Comrad compression socks! 

If you’ve never tried compressions socks, they really are a unique invention. Compression socks squeeze your legs rather snugly, massaging your muscles and forcing the blood back up the leg through gentle graduated compression. This reduces swelling caused by pregnancy, certain medical conditions associated with poor circulation, and of course, long periods of sitting or standing.

Research has proven that sitting for 90 minutes or more can decrease blood flow below the knees by 50 percent. And how many of us are guilty of that…especially now! This type of inactivity leads to swollen, tired legs and feet. Compressions socks are great for people who are working from home. If Mom spends a lot of time at home on the computer, compression socks are perfect for her!

And yet, because they apply pressure to the lower legs thus improving circulation of freshly-oxygenated blood up the leg, compression socks also thereby increase energy and reduce build up of lactic acid, which is the culprit behind post-workout soreness, so they are also perfect for athletes, making them an essential self-care product in my exercise wardrobe. They literally energize your legs, making that long, grueling workout a little less arduous. With my compression socks on, I can go for days!

In addition, doctors often prescribe compression socks as the first treatment against varicose veins, and they are purported to prevent unsightly broken veins as well, which equals more attractive, youthful-looking ankles and legs for women everywhere.

The people over at Comrad make the best compression socks I’ve tried. I have the short ones, above, as well as the longer ones. The long Comrad socks are more manageable to put on than their competitors, and they come in cute colors and stripes for a playful take on ordinary compression socks. Just think how precious Mom would look in the striped Comrads below! Aren’t they just adorable?

Plus, all Comrad socks are cleverly crafted with an antimicrobial, breathable fabric for sweat-free, stink-free feet, and a cushioned heel and toe for all-day softness and comfort, as well as added durability.

Comrad compression socks are reasonably priced and quick to ship. Plus, sizing is a no-brainer and Comrad’s customer service is stellar. I highly recommend Comrad socks if you’re embarking on an exercise program and you want to maintain your energy level and reduce painful edema. They’re also great for travel, leaving your legs refreshed after a long day’s journey into night.

And right now, with each purchase, Comrad is donating a pair of their socks to healthcare professionals who are fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that’s heart.

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