Where It’s At: White Lines

Cara it s shan talking to you through the computer


There were many gorgeous themes going on regarding backstage beauty at Fashion Week, but the one that prevailed for me was bold statement eyeliner. I love the look, and I’ll be showing you my favorite picks from the shows later this week. Modern makeup artists are challenging black eyeliner and producing atypical and stunning results. At Saint Laurent, it was as bold as it gets….ditto for Cusnie et Ochs, and at Prada, too. But my favorite favorite *favorite* most fashionable makeup trend is one you won’t see on the pages of any magazine…..yet. And that’s because no one is doing it…..yet.

It is: White Eyeliner. I’m experimenting with all kinds of white eye makeup, in fact: white liners, powders, even white mascara. And I just love what white eyeliner does to the eyes and to the face, and come spring, it’s all you’ll see me sporting with a bright lip and a face full of freckles! There’s something about it that is so fresh, and it makes your eyes look huge and wide awake, even if you’re at the end of a four-day bender. With a white manicure? Are you kidding me? You’re stylin’!


Cara can u see the secret message


I love white eyeliner on model Cara Delevingne, pictured above and top. It gives her an uncharacteristic innocence and an ethereal other-worldliness, while making her lashes look positively epic! ((Cara, incidentally, is a fan of Beauty Shall Save the World and she tells me she thinks this blog is “cool.” Ditto, Cara. We think you’re pretty cool, too.  😉 ))


But back to the white liners. Prestige or NYX or Rimmel London make great white eyeliner pencils which can be found at the drug store on-the-cheap, and since they don’t break the bank, you can also afford to pick up Stila’s wonderful white in a liquid, which is truly opaque and smudge-free. (Don’t you just love the way I can rationalize a purchase, btw?!?) Seriously though, it’s a good idea to have at least one of each, a pencil and a liquid, in your kit for the white eyeliner trend that hasn’t happened yet….but is sure to come. You might want to also buy a sparkly white powder if you don’t already have one. I love the custom blended powders by Giella. They’re blended by makeup artist extraordinaire, Mario Dedivanovic! Armed with an arsenal of summer whites, you will be able to cop any one of the many white-eyed looks shown here. I’m obsessed!  

What are you doing right now cara


Makeup artist Pat McGrath used white eyeliner in the March 2015 issue of Teen Vogue to create a custom design on the eye that is perfect for easy summer days. What a dramatic, bold and whimsical statement to reveal as you remove your shades! This look is great for the beach, the poolside, or even a fancier affair, in my opinion, for those who have the moxie. I love the wit and the irreverence of it. If you’ve got the time and the talent, go for it! It’s a young and hip way to wear white lines!


Or should i say WHO are you doing right now


Megan Fox knows what’s up. The tantalizing screen siren uses white lines herself. It may not be as outwardly overt as Pat McGrath’s Teen Vogue example, but if you examine her makeup very very closely… will see……


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


…..white lines in her waterline! Yes, to open the eye and really make her blue peepers pop, Megan knows that white eyeliner is the correct choice.


Bet you didn t see that one coming cara


I love the look of the top lid lined in thick white, worn with bare skin and a nude lip. As seen above, it works with a tan, left, and also on paler skins.


But seriously shouldn t you be doing something productive


White lines also read well with a dark-complected gal, and I love the way it rims her entire eye, including the waterline. White lines, when teamed with false lashes and a glossy coral lip equal undeniable glamour!


Ha ha ha look who s talking right


You can make the coveted cat-eye even more dramatic when you surround the black lines with the opposite counterpart—white lines.


Guess we re both just wasting time


Make it mod, as seen above……I adore that 1960s sensation……


I seeeeee you cara


……Or pencil in the inner corners only–follow the ‘V’-shape near the nose–to broaden the gap between your eyes and make them look wider-set and instantly, infinitely more alert! You can dot a bit of white sparkly powder over the V shape to add a bit of glamour and shine, if you choose. Just play with it, and see what happens.



Are you still in Hong Kong cara


I love white lines any which way. Even on a bare lid with just a hint of bright blush and a poppy-red lip……looks so outrageously French! Ooh la la.


Seriously i ve gotta get back to work luv u cara


White lines can look playful, trendy, or drop-dead sexy. Go thick or thin, it doesn’t matter. Smudge it or streak it, it’s up to you. Winged-out or waterlined, it’s all good. Just remember that white lines look great on all complexions and with any lip color. Now slick back that hair, shimmy into a Zeugari kaftan, and settle down for a relaxing day by the pool……Oh, who am I kidding??? Get back to work, Slackers!!!!

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