Test Driving My Marvelous Mojitos….The Carbon Fiber Heel, One Year Later

Well it’s been exactly one year since the shopping spree with my dear friend Holly Bridge and her gorgeous brood of children in San Francisco last summer where I test drove my first pair of carbon fiber heels designed by London architect, Julian Hakes.  Because these unique metallic heels are crafted from carbon fiber—the same material used for constructing the bodies of luxury sports cars–I coined this shoe A Ferrari For Your Feet, and if you’ll recall, I opted to buy them in metallic Lamborghini blue, below, but I had no idea what I was going to wear with them, if they’d be comfortable after my foot surgery, practical in general, and how I really felt about incorporating this visual oddity into my wardrobe with so many unanswered questions! So what’s my final verdict, now a year later?!?! WELL, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM!!!!!


Mojito metallic blue

I must admit, I rarely rack up a fashion faux pas these days… it if you will to logging years of shopping experience, or perhaps it’s just in the fate of the fashion gods, but The Mojito, above, was a gamble on several different levels for me. I guess I got lucky.

Dark chrome

And we all know my theory about luck, right? What’s that saying? I’d rather be lucky than good. In this case, I was so very lucky that I went back and bought another pair of Mojitos in dark chrome, above. I happily scored them at 50% off and wear them constantly with black leather leggings….they also look great with a short skirt and fishnets, too! Now to answer your questions about this enigmatic masterpiece—The Marvelous Mojito!

First, let’s address the comfort. Wow. Because the Mojito is fashioned from durable, stronger-than-steel-yet-malleable carbon fiber, the shoes ‘flex’ when you walk, and yield to pressure, so blisters are not an issue and neither are swollen feet! I can walk for days in these things! In addition, the carbon fiber material is waterproof…..and, as an added bonus—and get this—if you chip, scrape or scratch the brilliantly shiny finish, all you do is take your Mojitos into the auto body shop and have a technician match the paint of your shoes! How brilliant is that?!?! A quick, thin strip of touch-up paint will restore your Mojitos to like-new condition, and no one will be the wiser!  Can you believe it??? They’re like a dream come true shoe!

The final issue was: What do I wear these crazy things with??? Well, for the dark chrome above, it’s a no-brainer—black, black, and more black! But they were my second acquisition. How’d I reconcile the first pair, in that captivating cobalt? Easy, darlings! Blue, in case you haven’t heard, is so au courant! And it’s hard to beat the charisma of that metallic Lambo blue! So here’s what I wore: a vintage cobalt blue fox coat circa 1950s that matches perfectly, and this fabulous, fascinating fascinator, below, by New York milliner, Anya Caliendo. It’s her tribute to the Blue Morpho Butterfly! The metallic sheen of the butterfly wings is so perfectly matched by my carbon fiber shoes….and the melange of vintage, with the coat, mixed with the modern shoes, and the otherworldliness of a flurry of butterflies round my cabeza made a most memorable impression at the soirée I attended.

Blue morpho butterfly


So as you can see, another shopping triumph in the life of a fashionista. And all is right in the world, if only for just a brief moment.

Peace. Love. Beauty.


  • Colin Lacivita/Women's Diary

    The shoes are great!!! From my 16 years in full time fashion experience and 13 following fashions on the field in Australia I like them but I wonder does you foot slip out? Are they safe to walk in the rain? The style is good but I like heels that are open to have a ankle strap with a side belt. The shoes look more lovely on your feet than on display. These heels are good to wear with what you have said but I like to add they will look even greater with a evening long gown. You could also wear them with stylish shorts and a denim short skirt. Maybe they will look good with light tan clear toe hosiery with a nice small ankle bracelet.

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