The Secret to Completing the Coveted Cat-Eye: Lash Republic Lashes


There’s no doubt that the sexy, smoldering, elongated cat-eye is hot in beauty right now. We published a great tutorial on creating the coveted cat-eye back in January, with expert tips by my friend, makeup artist and mentor, Susan Markovic. Now it’s time to add a critical part of the equation into the mix: lashes! Lash Republic lashes, that is. Is there any other brand? Creative director of Lash Republic, Aleksandra Stefani, has her share of imitators, but the fact of the matter is that no one can compete with Lash Republic. You will not find lashes like these anywhere else.

Lashes in box

Aleksandra is a brilliant force–a giant in the beauty industry with her incredible lashes, some of which defy description, like the tempting teal ‘Evolution‘ lashes, below, fashioned from feathers and dusted elegantly with glitter, studded with gems.

Evolution lashes

In addition to feathers and gems, Aleksandra uses ribbon and laser-cut paper designs in the making of her lashes–lashes which are mainstays in makeup artists’ kits and coveted by those in-the-know, including countless celebs that walk the Red Carpet, like Sofia Vergara and Angelina Jolie.

Sofia and angelina

Here are my picks for the best Lash Republic lashes when completing the coveted cat-eye.

Magnetic force

Magnetic Force. This is a new design from the prolific mind of Alex Stefani. These lashes are just gorgeous. They are like two pairs of lashes in one, because Alex has cleverly combined a beautiful fringy lash with dense winged corner lashes onto a single strip. They look quite natural and really elongate the eye for a naturally flirtatious effect. When I wore these, I got lots of compliments on my eyes, not the lashes…and that’s exactly the point: you want people to notice your beautiful eyes, not your beautiful makeup!

The final coat

The Final Coat. These are more suited for a wide-eyed innocent effect, but still deliver that great cat-eye look because the lashes flair out on the edges. Multilayered to provide volume.

Graphite burst

Graphite Burst. These super dense lashes are more suited for evening wear, unless you want extreme drama. They are abundantly dark; when you wear them they vertically extend the look of your eyeliner and look quite flirtatious. Super sexy.

Chemical attraction

Chemical Attraction. I love love love this style! With a dense black lashband, you are certain to emit a chemical attraction! The lash is tapered, but also has choppy layers that blend naturally with your own lashes. Aleksandra calls them her “sexiest lash ever,” so stock up now!

Art of attraction

Art of Attraction. This fancy lash has a deep curl on its outer corner and offers a lot of volume. Art of Attraction resembles eyelash extensions, without the fancy price. A Lash Republic best-seller.

On the prowl

On the Prowl. A variation on The Art of Attraction, this design doubles the volume and amplifies the wing while maintaining the curl. Breathtaking.


Sophisticata. Sophisticata doubles the density on the outer corner, and has choppy layers to aid with volume. I love this lash…it looks completely natural and is designed to lift the eye at the outer corner. Perfect inspiration for your coveted cat-eye.

Each pair of lashes come with a little tube of Aleksandra’s remarkable glue that brushes on with a little applicator. This is unequivocally the best glue in the biz. It goes on neon blue until it sets and becomes invisible, and to make matters even better, Alex sells a lash placement tool, below, that makes the application job a snap. And it’s only ten bucks! Seriously?

Placement tool

Simply place the lash in the lash placement tool before you brush on the glue, allow it to air dry until tacky, and situate the lash at the base of the lashline by wedging it in with the lash placement tool. Voila, instant glam!

Placement tool 2

These are the best in lashes for completing that coveted cat-eye. So, now you know how to create visual interest in the blink of an eye, with fabulous lashes by Lash Republic! But don’t tell anyone…it will be our little secret. xxx ~ Kisses.

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