Chip-Free for Three Weeks? Yes! Nail Nirvana, With Lauren B. Beauty


If you’re sick and tired of tacky, chipped polish and dry, crunchy cuticles…If you love the look of a fresh manicure, but don’t have the time or money to book an appointment every ten days…Then you’re like me, and beautiful hands are a priority. But even the best polishes chip and fade so rapidly that the perfect manicure is impossible to maintain. And if you have weak nails, gel manicures seem like the only reasonable alternative. But now you can say goodbye to your nail woes because Lauren B. Beauty is here.

All colors

Welcome to the colorful world of Lauren B. Nail Couture. Founded by beauty industry veteran and niece of the Houdini of Hair himself, Philip B. of the incredible Philip B. hair care, the Lauren B. brand is a new line of nail enamels and botanical hand and nail treatments that are serious game-changers for the modern woman. Genius must certainly run in the family, because Lauren’s line for hands and nails is truly remarkable–just like her uncle’s line of serious task-oriented hair care, which is the best in the biz.

The Lauren B. Beauty line includes a tempting array of 20 gorgeous, saturated, high-pigment polishes, yes, but the real draw is that these super glossy nail enamels stay shiny and chip-resistant for at least two weeks–and all without damaging your natural nails. Now we’re talking! I am going on three weeks with perfect polish. Unbelievable!!!

“There wasn’t much point in just creating another color line. I wanted to offer something revolutionary,” Lauren said. “Our formulas are pigmented with the best ingredients for long lasting, fade-resistant color that is easy to apply,” she said.

Because the brush is packed with twice the standard amount of bristles and pre-lacquered for a smooth, streak-free finish, color glides on the nails and stays put due to a more even application in addition to the revolutionary formula–a formula that nourishes your nails, instead of destroying them.

Made in America and inspired by the beauty of Lauren’s hometown, Los Angeles, California, this collection is not tested on animals, it’s tested on beauty editors instead. And the results are glorious: this stuff stays chip-free through even the most daunting tasks, such as shopping for clothes, for example, and house-cleaning, I would imagine.

I am not easy on my nails at all. I’ve grown accustomed to plunging my hands into my purse to root around for my keys, and yes, I use my nails as tools once in a while. I know, I know…but when Lauren told me that my manicure would last 14+ days, I doubted her word. I put my fingers and toes to the test. I really used my hands like I normally would, but this stuff does not budge. No chips and no fading whatsoever. You can easily go two weeks without a care in the world. In fact, your nail will grow out from the nail bed before the polish gives up!

In addition, all her products are vegan-friendly, and free of the five most harmful toxins found in ordinary nail formulas–no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, or camphor.

A lot of research went into developing these exceptional nail lacquers; Lauren formulated them after consulting with the world’s top chemists and expert manicurists to create fashion-forward, on-trend colors with a performance that is as enduring as the city which inspired them.

This is a treatment system that is healthy and good for your nails, yet also functional and fashionable.

Rodeo drive

I am in love with Rodeo Drive, above, the most perfect ripe, ravishing red. And one of Lauren’s favorites, I’m So L.A., below, is a particularly pretty poppy, a bright pink pick for summer.

Im so la


And let’s not forget Lauren’s elegant flesh-toned colors….There are five gorgeous creamy opaque nudes, one for every skin tone. These nudes look fabulous on the nail because they elongate your fingers and look super classy. Opt for this natural look instead of a French manicure, which is so over. This is the age of a new neutral.

Stacked polishes

Some of the other fab colors include L.A. Smog, a terminally chic opaque grey; Paparazzi, an inky black; Hollywood Blvd., a chunky mix of metallic sparkle; Where’s My Oscar, a sheer gold lamé that looks elegant, not frosty; and Downtown Skyline, the obligatory blue with shimmering silver-flecked undertones.

Cuticle oil and hand creme

Lauren addresses all your other nail concerns with her task-oriented, treatment-based products, such as her aromatherapeutic cuticle oil, $20, and equally luscious Nourishing Hand Créme, $24, both of which are packed with botanicals that make moisturizing a blissful experience.

The hand creme is rich yet non-greasy. It sinks right in and is packed with peptides, retinol and antioxidants that treat and repair the delicate skin on your hands. And it’s ripe with fragrant notes of orchid and peony. But start with the delectable cuticle oil at night before bedtime, and let it sink in before you apply the creme. I love both of these products. They smell heaven scent and make a tangible difference right away, that only gets better with time.

I highly recommend that you take a look at Lauren’s blog, which chronicles the anatomy of a perfect home manicure. She also talks about nail trends, such as nail shapes and the popular accent nail.

And now a quick word about her nail-nurturing base coats and gel-like top coat…

There are two types of base coats. The Nail Perfecter Base Coat is ideal for those with weaker nails, ridges, or any imperfection in their nails. “It helps give an airbrush smooth starting point,” Lauren told me.

The Dual Base Coat is a basic base coat that is formulated for those with already healthy, strong, smooth nails. “It will help the polish color adhere to it. I personally use both,” Lauren said. “When I feel like I need a bit more moisture and soft feeling I use the Nail Foundation, and for a quick solution, I use the Dual Base Coat,” she stated.

The Gel-Like Top Coat, $28, requires no heat or UV lamp to activate. It’s über-glossy and dries in a snap.

A serum and cuticle balm will launch in June. The serum is loaded with amino acids that are potent enough to sink deep into skin and nail matrix to stimulate cell growth and overall health. It is a proprietary blend which soothes and conditions. Antioxidants and vitamin E provide moisture and strength; amino acids sink deep into the matrix of nail, promoting growth, strength, cell production, tissue strength and collagen for skin strength. Fatty lipids nourish weak nail cells. Apple and lemon and sugar cane extract give moisture, healing and soothing properties.

Lauren B. has developed a revolutionary line of hand and nail products that will change the way you manicure. These are the products for a new age in nails–Lauren B. equals Nail Nirvana.

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