Kryolan’s Luscious Lip Colors, for a Perpetually-Perfect Pout

Kryolan’s makeup warehouse in San Francisco is the first stop on my list every year when I contemplate whether I should scare or seduce for Halloween. With aisles of gore, including fake blood and prosthetic vampire jaws, ready-made wounds and gashes galore, too many styles of lashes to innumerate and glitter in every conceivable color and prism size–Kryolan is every grown girl’s cosmetic playground!

Kryolan’s a no-brainer for zombies…a natural fit for thespians and a shoe-in for drag queens…but what you might not know, is, Kryolan churns out some incredible high-performance products for ‘normal’ girls, too!

I am loving Kryolan’s new crop of lip shades, in formulas that really deliver and colors that are less fantasy and more fathomable. There are three standouts that I’d like to introduce you to. They are the irresistible Lip n’ Cheek Tint; the Sheer Lip Stick and the Lip Stain. I love all three of them!


First, the Lip n’ Cheek Tint. Wow! This is just a great, multi-task product. Every girl should have at least one of these little tubes of saturated, creamy, water-resistant pigment to daub on her lips and cheeks after all the blood has drained from her face upon being bitten by an amorous vampire. I chose the shade Hibiscus, which is a bright, pretty, shrimp hue that looks great on the paler complected but would also complement a golden tan or even a light olive-complected girl.


Second, I’d like you to meet Kryolan’s Sheer Lip Stick. It features a feel-good formula because it’s packed with vitamin E, and it comes in 18 luscious colors, all named after silver screen sirens. Packaged in an elegant yet industrial-looking tube, this lipstick glides on dreamily and has a delicate scent. I chose Reese, which is a pale bright coral like the nearly-indescribable putty-hued lips of Brigitte Bardot.


Lastly, I had to try Kryolan’s new Lip Stain, in the colors Rock–a brilliant blue-red, and Latin, a fleshy neutral. This long-lasting saturated stain delivers intense color payoff in a smudge-free formula that really won’t come off without a fight. I love the way this lip color doesn’t bleed or get thick and clumpy like other long-lasting lip colors can. If you are looking for great performance and great color payoff, look no further! Kryolan’s new Lip Stain has it all. Go to to see more. Unfortunately the commerce site is not quite ready yet, but you can still place orders by calling 800-kryolan, or by visiting your local Kryolan boutique.

Now…what to be for Halloween this year?

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