On The Contrary: Pattern Play in Black and White

OMG, I am so loving this incredible fashion spread from Vogue Japan’s November 2013 issue! It’s no secret that black and white prints are a hot fall trend now. I saw tons of graphic black and white mixed animal prints in Beverly Hills when I visited in September, and I love the way Vogue Japan’s fashion editor Anna Dello Russo has authoritatively mixed and matched prints in the photos shown here.


These are all classic examples of breaking fashion rules in lieu of a higher power: Style. But mixing prints can be challenging, so check out these beautifully bold examples, which are sure to put your eyes into optical overdrive!


Keep your wardrobe in checks with the handsome houndstooth attire above. We reported on our hankering for houndstooth back in August, and wouldn’t ya know it? Now it’s cropping up everywhere!


Feeling frisky? This feline ensemble is an example of using texture as a replacement for a print…Yes, you still get the same sensibilities of a mixed print due to the variety of the finishes of the different textiles used.


I’m loving the exaggerated proportions and the final silhouette that manifest from this couture. Thigh-high leather boots and a micro mini look haute, not hooker, in this inventive punk rock salute featuring a variety of textures and patterns.

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