Rodan + Fields Revolutionize Exfoliation…and Housecleaning


The Best Exfoliation Tool if You Hate to Dust

I loathe cleaning house almost as much as I loathe dry flaky skin. Nearly 80% of house dust is actually dead skin cells. Luckily the brilliant dermatologist team, doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, have put their Stanford-educated brains together to create the Redefine Macro Exfoliator, $279. It’s a handheld exfoliation tool with a powerful suction tip that I can use at home to sweep away ugly dead skin cells. The cells are then trapped within the cool little gadget, and you are left with a brighter complexion, plus cutting down on your dusting and scrubbing by an estimated five million dead skin cells per week! Double score!


The sophisticated computerized device, above, allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of deep exfoliation at home, clearing away debris and revealing a healthy pink underlayer…and it only takes five minutes, once a week!

Follow the exfoliation process with Rodan + Fields’s Macro Exfoliator Cooling Gels–which use the doctors’ proprietary peptide blend–to soothe the skin instantly, reducing redness and enhancing skin resiliency.

“When we get done performing a treatment on a patient,” stated Dr. Kathy Fields, “we don’t just send her out into the world pink-faced. We want to calm and treat her face right away. Because this tool is the real deal, we have included the cooling gels to offer immediate comfort after using the Macro Exfoliator.”

For added relief, the ampoules can be stored in the refrigerator, Fields said.

You should check out this demo on YouTube, which shows Rodan + Fields’s nurse Mary Radford in action with the Macro Exfoliator.

Now you can save your French maid outfit for other purposes! C’est bon!


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