Glow For It: Giella’s Custom-Blended Powder


When Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, pictured above, cannot find the perfect color he needs for his A-list clientele, he simply blends his own.

If you’ve ever wondered how celebs obtain that elusive golden glow like Sky Nellor’s, below, look no further. This shot from Mario’s portfolio shows you how to work Mario’s sheer golden highlighting powder that he mixed one night while sitting on the floor of his living room.


If you study the photo above, you will see how Mario creates the optical illusion of perfect glowing skin and higher cheekbones with his custom-blended Giellla loose pigment called Eye M Glam, $35. The fine mineral powder is a fleshy copper that melts into the skin due to a very special ingredient: mink oil.

First, you will need the best brush for the job. Opt for a circular flat-top brush, like the one by Sonia Kashuk for Target, below.


This will ensure a nice circular brush stroke that you can use to create a beautiful crescent shape from the top of the cheekbone to the end of the brow bone. Feel the highest part of the bone of your cheeks with your finger to find the beginning of the brush stroke. It should be directly under the pupil of the eye. Remember to aim for a nice crescent shape–or ‘half moon’–like Mario used on Sky.

Then with the excess powder already on the brush, run the brush lightly over the bridge of your nose in a straight vertical line. This creates a more beautifully-shaped bridge on the nose and also makes the skin shine luminously when the light hits your face.

The powder can also be used on the inner corner of the eye to widen the eyes for a bright awake, shimmering look.

Eye M Glam, indeed! Thanks so much, Mario!

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