The Twisted Trend of Braids


There’s no denying that braids are back, but if you think for one moment that this twisted trend is anything like your ordinary childhood braid, think again.

Hairstyling enthusiasts are elevating braids into fabulous designs that look almost impossible to achieve. But all you really need to get the look is time, patience, and practice…although a pair of deft fingers and strong arms certainly expedite the process.

“The easiest way to learn how to braid is by YouTube,” according to celebrity hairstylist Antonio Venegas, who created the romantic look above. “As soon as you get the basics of braiding down you can be creative and add your own style and flair.”

So let me introduce you to one of my favorite online hair artists, Lilith Moon. Check out her countless YouTube tutorials on braids.

I love the one below, which is so much easier than it looks. You can wear it down, or easily twist it up…

Add a velvet flower or a hair gem and you can take the look from day to night in an instant.

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