A Library of Lip Colors by LipSense


I continue to be thoroughly impressed in every way with LipSense long-lasting lip color by SeneGence. I now have a library of more than 25 of them. With an array of 50 stunning colors, there are so many effects you can achieve by mixing colors and topping with the vast selection of gorgeous glosses.

The glosses come in four different finishes: Matte, for a no-shine look; Glitter Glosses for a sparkly reflective shimmer; Pearl Gloss, which adds a creamy, pale, milky finish to any color; and Sand Gloss, which combines pearl and glitter into one brilliant formula for a super sexy pout.

Praline Rose is a dusty mauve that’s luscious topped with Pearl Gloss, making my lips look so big and juicy, but my favorite combo right now?


Red Cherry topped with Gold Glitter Gloss. Super shiny and wet-looking, it is quite dramatic with my coloring, and will not budge or bleed, fade or kiss off.

One thing is certain: with endless combination possibilities I’ll be busy for quite a while, no doubt toying with my vast library of LipSense.

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