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The Jewels of Australia in Beauty and Fashion

I’m the kind of girl who loves adventure, so I’m headed down under. That’s right, I’m going to Australia!

Please join me as I introduce you to this magical land and a few special friends. They’re obsessed with beautiful stuff, just like I am.

First I want you to meet Rachel, a gifted Australian makeup artist whose work is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Rachel is up on all the latest trends, products and techniques and has worked on many of the most celebrated faces in the world. She has agreed to share some of her favorite products and trade secrets with us.


I love the shot above, by Fiona Quinn for Remix Magazine NZ with model Amanda Booth from Storm Model Management…


…And this one, of model Loren from Chic, photographed by Sebastian Kriete. Rachel is gifted at creating many varieties of looks. We are going to have a lot of fun playing with the products she recommends.

Here’s Rachel, below, working on Caitlin Lovecat Lomax.


Ron Wooley, pictured here, is also from Australia, but he’s all about jewelry–opals, primarily.


Most of us have seen a beautiful opal stone. Neither clear nor opaque, they fascinate because they change as the light hits them, alive with prisms of fiery colors and depth and radiance. I love the giant vintage art deco opal diamond ring set in platinum, from Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry, below.



The Australian desert regions, Ron told me, are home to the most stunning opals in the world due to the fossilization process there. It’s Australia’s unique geological environment that makes Australian opals so spectacular, and quite expensive.


I was riveted as I looked at Ron’s collection from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, below.


To call Ron a jeweler is an understatement. He does the most magnificent pavé diamond workmanship I’ve seen, but humbly refers to himself as proprietor of Dreaming Down Under, specializing in Australian opals.

He’s designed a unique ring that I’d like to show you, plus he’s a cool guy. I like his style. He knows a lot of famous people and has fascinating stories to tell. Maybe someday he’ll let me tell them to you.


  • Laura Shomshak

    You have no idea just how wonderful Ron & his wife Tracy are! I have been friends with them for about 4 years, and you couldn’t find nicer, friendlier, more generous people – their friendship is a treasure against which even their incredible opals pale in comparison! Being poor, I buy their bits and pieces rather than finished jewelry, but I have some absolutely beautiful stones thanks to them. It is always a treat to see them. Some people you hit it off with immediately, and I was blessed indeed to find such delightful soul-mates. The wonders of opals make me believe there really is a God. Nothing of such diversity and extraordinary beauty could be an accident!

  • Sandra Stevens

    How is the weather “down under”? It is very hot here in Utah. I would love to get one of your rare opals if I just had the finances. Could you get in touch with me if you get in the area of Parowan, Ut.

  • Dennis Buum

    Great couple, Ron and Tracy. Most beautiful opals to behold. Met them today at Rapid City rock show. Very educational and pleasurable experience. Can’t wait to see them again at Denver show. Saving up for a special piece!

  • tony cole

    It has been a pleasure dealing with Ron. He has some of the finest opal around. He is very helpful and helps you more than most opal dealers I have delt with. His display at our rock show is always Beautiful. Thank you ron for all your help.

  • Karen Butler

    Those of you who know Mr Wooley – do you know if he has a website where he sells his opals? Thanks a bunch

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