The Last Supper–A Final Glance at the Paleo Diet

Hi guys, today is our Last Supper…it’s the culminating installment in a series on the Paleo Way as part of better self-care for a new age. We are going to take a quick look at the remaining primary Food Predators and wrap things up with some informative resources before moving on.

True or False

There are some misunderstood meals that aren’t healthy for you despite their reputation, and conversely, some other maligned foods that actually have your best interest at heart. It just goes to show that you can’t always judge a cook by its lover.

Love That Sugar


We have examined obvious sugars and their deceptive feel-good factor. Read more at Robb Wolf’s website in his recent article, Carb Addiction: Cake Is The New Crack. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Hold The Mayo

Don’t forget to reject sugars found in common ordinary condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup. Reading food labels and identifying hidden sugars will pay off in the end.

Going Against the Grains


Grains contain gluten, and gluten is the large, water-soluble protein that creates the elasticity in dough, but it’s also the primary glue found in wallpaper paste. Remember in school, making your own glue with flour and water for craft projects?

Seemingly-healthy whole grains like brown rice contain yet higher levels of gluten than their stripped counterparts. Needless to say, grains are high on the list as a misunderstood food. For a lowdown on the guileful grain, check out this great link from Whole 9 Life.

Insidious Oils

There’s a handful of oils that you should be aware of and beware of. Mark Sisson dishes the straight dope, with his Definitive Guide to Oils.

Bean Around

Beans, also known as legumes, remain controversial. They create an insulin response that raises blood sugar levels. We have already discussed the misunderstood peanut, which is not a nut, but rather, a legume. Read more about beans in this Dear Mark post from Mark’s Daily Apple.

How Now, Brown Cow?


Dairy is bad news. The vice of ice cream is obvious. Learn about the trappings of cheeses, milk, yogurt and even kefir here on Whole 9 Life.

It’s a Shrink Wrap

If it comes in a box or wrapper, think twice. Processed foods, foods with artificial sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives, and other junk food belong in the trash.

Protein Precautions

Avoid farm-raised fish. They’re fed corn as part of their diet, and as a result, their omega ratios are altered, making them a less-healthy choice than wild fish.

Ditto for chicken, and other meats. You want to limit or avoid commercially-grown, grain-fed animals. Limit or avoid smoked, cured, or nitrate-treated meats such as hot dogs, salami, etc.

Sunny Side Up


Limit and avoid eggs from chickens commercially raised in cages, and fed with grains, hormone, pesticides and antibiotics. Don’t fear the yolk. The valuable fat and vitamin D found in the yolk will satisfy and nurture you.

This is lesser-known information about the iconic egg, so please be sure to share it with your friends and spread the word about the most extraordinary orb.

Last Resorts

Our work here is done yet this is just the beginning. For more information about the Paleo life, check out these valuable resources.

Om Shanti Om, Peace to you.

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