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Hands-Down, the Best in Anti-Aging from Rodan + Fields


Regret, Revenge, And Other Things That Begin With the Letter R

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and although Red would seem to be an appropriate color for the occasion, we’d prefer that it wasn’t a part of our skin.


There’s usually nothing fun about being caught red-handed. Aside from looking bad, redness means inflammation. It’s not a good sign. The tight, chapped, raw feeling that accompanies red hands can render the process of hand-washing unbearable.

And if you struggle with brown spots, thinning skin, wrinkles or loss of elasticity on your hands, there’s a remedy for that too.


It’s all in one package, literally. Dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields come to the rescue, and in their routine response to public demand they’ve created yet another outstanding anti-aging solution for savvy women of all ages.


If you regret the abuse and neglect that tip your hand to your real age, or if you simply want to prevent damage that you’ll undoubtedly lament later, I recommend Rodan + Fields. Their Anti-Age Hand Treatment bundles the top in technologies for this oft-overlooked area.

I can only describe their two-part regime as a genigma. It’s a word I made up. Part genius, part enigma.

Genius because the science behind it is simply brilliant, and enigma because I can’t understand how it works so fast.

I could seriously go on for hours regurgitating statistics and spitting up science about how and why the products work. But this is neither a term paper, nor a glorified press release.

We all want results and we want them immediately, if not sooner. The two products double team to really deliver, and fast. I recommend using them together.


To Have and To Hold

For beautiful, youthful hands, I cannot get enough of the Brightening Hand Treatment. It penetrates quickly, hydrating and restoring with all the goodies that your skin will love. It makes a tangible difference right away that, like any good woman, only improves with time.

With a pleasingly mild but luscious scent, it leaves you velvety–an unparalleled silkiness and almost matte, powdered finish–due to a key ingredient: corn starch.

I’ve tried a ton of hand creams, and quite frankly, I’ve really never felt anything quite like this. It firms the delicate skin on the hands and transcends mere moisturization.

Rich with emollient butters and the best oils, it also contains urea and hyaluronic acid to bind water to the skin providing sustained results.


To Protect and Defend

The Shield Hand Balm with SPF 30 ensures smart sun protection in a convenient, portable stick form. It’s like a giant Chapstick for your hands. How great is that? You can throw it in your purse or travel bag and reapply any time to only the backsides, without worrying about sticky fingers. It frees your hands up for other, more important things.

The sunscreen stick is anhydrous, meaning, it contains no water, which is critical in its stability and delivery of 4% ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C, a potent skin firmer that also powerfully lightens pigment, if you struggle with brown spots.

In addition, you’ll find the best in peptides courtesy of world-renowned peptide expert Timothy Falla, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development at Rodan + Fields.

You may have heard the buzz about peptides. They are short-chain amino acids that signal natural responses in the skin to decrease inflammation and build collagen, among other admirable epidermal things. Considered anti-aging powerhouses, peptides can be found in many Rodan + Fields products, and they use them generously.

Getting the Red Out

Both the hand treatment and the SPF contain optical brighteners to instantly reduce redness and minimize the appearance of veins, making immediate gratification, in this case, a good thing.


The new Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Hand Treatment Regime is a rarity, applying elegant yet serious skincare science, once reserved for face, to other extremely important extremities.

To Honor and Obey

Back to Square One: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It could take 20 years for you to acquire those unsightly brown spots, but they might hang around ’til death do you part. So, don’t forget your gloves. That way, if you choose to leave a mark, at least it will be discreet.


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  • Sonja Petersen

    I love your newsletter and the pictures are gorgeous! Thank you for such an amazing review of the Rodan and Fields Anti-Age hand regimine. I love their products so much I had to become a consultant!
    Thanks again,

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