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Dip Into The World of Diptyque for Valentine’s, Weddings and Beyond…


There will always be a soft spot in every girl’s heart for flowers and candy, but flowers die and chocolates don’t last long. While nothing is eternal, for a distinctive and lingering gift for Valentine’s Day or any day, I highly recommend Diptyque (pronounced dip-TEEK).


Famous for their unmistakable luxury candles, Diptyque also has a new line of unisex body products that are bomb–perfect for mom or dad, your girl, your guy, your child, grandparents or a cherished friend. Diptyque has something for everyone, even elegant corporate gifts for the discerning employer.


If you’re into aromatherapy and the powerful transformative possibilities of scent, you simply must spoil your Valentine with something from Diptyque. Trust me, they will love it.

Pure, Paraffin, Pleasure…

The diminutive Diptyque candle smells like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and believe me, you can really smell it. The standard votive boasts a tireless 60 hours of burn time and will undoubtedly outshine its cheaper competitors. It’s a smart choice.


With a Diptyque candle, you get what you pay for. Created using powerful concentrations of only the finest essential oils steeped in pure paraffin, they’re sure to set the mood for a romantic evening. Plus, a Diptyque candle will actually stick around long after Valentine’s Day has ended. Even unlit you can still smell the candle in the room.


You can choose from an endless exquisite bouquet of more than 50, yes fifty scents–that’s an amazing variety–in five categories of flowers, herbs, fruity, woods and spicy, so there’s something for everyone, no matter your preference. It’s a complete collection.




One of my favorite memories is the night I dined at the opening of a Francis Ford Coppola restaurant in California, where a flurry of Baies Diptyque candles and their intoxicating aroma seduced me.

Every celebrity is said to have their favorite Diptyque scent, and Coppola’s is Baies. It soon became mine too, and of the many scents to choose from, I still prefer Baies to this day.

Baies, pronounced, simply, ‘Bay,’ is a French term of endearment, meaning sweetie, or some such.


It’s composed of Bulgarian rose with notes of blackcurrant leaves–an irresistible melange of fruit and floral.

Reminiscent of a walk through blooming gardens in Europe, it smells absolutely delicious, and every time I encounter it, after all these years, I’m immediately drawn back to the first time I experienced it–that beautiful balmy night at the restaurant. It’s a powerful testament to the virtues of aromatherapy and memory recall.

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The Art of Body Care

Once mistaken as primarily high-end home fragrance, Diptyque recently launched an ambrosial offering of luxury body care products for men and women, known as The Art of Body Care, to complement their lesser-known collection of eaux de toilette which has in fact existed since 1968.


Pick a simple spray or dip into the many tempting products from the line. The Art of Body Care is based on the history of beauty from around the world and includes so many gorgeous things–such as a hand balm from Spain, below, using organic ingredients from that region.




Or their luscious body oil with iris flower from Italy, which can be used wet or dry.




You can put a capful in the tub, or apply it directly on the skin. It’s a very luxurious olive oil and soaks right in so it won’t get on your clothes.

Common Scents That Aren’t So Common

Unlike ordinary synthetic fragrances, the Diptyque scents are inspired by essences commonly found in nature, and all the body products are unisex, so if you buy them for your sweetheart, there’s always the chance you can share.


A beautiful body cream from Istanbul, not Constantinople–lush with myrrh and roses–is a personal favorite of my friend Gregory Costanza, former regional sales manager of the intimate but elegant San Francisco Diptyque boutique.


It may surprise you that a man might enjoy wearing a floral such as rose, but that convention is worn-out. In Europe people are much more liberal with what constitutes a ‘feminine’ fragrance and gender specificity has been replaced by good taste.


The notes of myrrh and roses found in the body cream can be tied over to home fragrance too, making a great candle combination if you care to experiment. Remember, you can customize the Diptyque scents for your home and yourself by choosing any of the fragrance families and combining until you discover what suits you. This is the modern approach to aromatherapy.

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A lot of couples come in to share fragrance, which is a great idea if you live near a boutique. The Diptyque staff is very hands-on with their clients. They really aim to please.

Because fragrance is highly personal, you can go to a boutique with your Valentine and identify the scents that you’re attracted to, and then you can coordinate them, together.

But there are only 14 Diptyque boutiques in the world, so if you can’t make it to Paris, London, Doha, Qatar or Dubai, you can call one of the three shops in the United States and let their accommodating, knowledgeable staff guide you on your purchase and educate you on how to burn a candle properly. Believe it or not, there’s an art to that too.

For ultimate convenience, most Diptyque products can come elegantly pre-wrapped, or you can opt to do it yourself.

Fragrance may be simple and straightforward for some people, or infinitely complex and indulgent. Whatever your approach, Diptyque definitely delivers.

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