Cool Products for the Makeup Maven

From my kit to yours, here are a few insider products that work for Everygal.


These little thingamajigs are complete genius. Bare Escentuals has created liquid-filled cotton swabs that make cosmetic correction a snap. The formula contains aloe vera and vitamin E, and you can pick up messes with ease.


This is especially important when creating the bright summer lip. Run the swab around the lip contour for a nice, sharp line then touch up with concealer. Or use them to tidy around the eye area. They’re five bucks for a pack of 24, at Sephora. Great for your purse.


At last, an elegant approach to hand sanitizers. Turn dirty digits clean, matte and baby soft, with the fresh antiseptic botanicals in Jao Hand Refresher, a makeup artist must-have. It’s an imperative before you touch a model’s face.

Jao leaves hands soft, not sticky, and smells deliciously of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oils. The experience is nothing short of ethereal.


Fortified with aloe, glycerine and chamomile, Jao won’t dehydrate your hands because it disinfects with ethyl alcohol, which is less drying, and it smells divine. Available in portable flip-tops or a convenient pump, your clients, and your hands, will thank you.

Sanitary equipment equals clearer skin. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to breakouts and other ugly skin conditions like dermatitis.


Cleaning brushes just got easier with Brush Off Brush Cleaner, the makeup artist’s choice. Just spray, wipe with a tissue, and you’re good to glow. Brush Off dries instantly.


Read about my favorite makeup brushes, designed by New York makeup artist Roque Cozzette. They’re cruelty-free, vegan and affordable. You’ll love them. Talk to you soon.

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