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Skin SOS with Rodan + Fields


Valentine’s Day is but a heartbeat away, and wedding season is perpetual. Glowing skin is every girl’s dream, and though many skin care products make bold promises, few do what they say, and say what they do.


Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment moisturizer is a gem. It does what it says it’s going to do–instantly–and the results are glorious. Simply put, it just feels good.

So many people have sensitive skin or rosacea and don’t even know it. For anyone suffering from skin discomfort, Soothe calms the raw chapped feeling and takes away the red, halting stinging and burning, fast.

With all the aggressive products out there–with the multitude of sins we inflict on our skin that make us sensitive, irritated, dry or overworked–this product is heaven-sent. It makes a thoughtful gift for any bride-to-be.


It immediately calms, and by rebuilding the skin’s natural moisture barrier, also known as the acid mantle, skin is protected from future flare-ups. Used consistently, results only get better with time.

This comforting cream is part of the four-product Soothe regime developed by Stanford-trained dermatologist duo Rodan + Fields, but you can always buy just the treatment cream, $80, separately.

Dewy and moist, yet matte, Soothe penetrates fast sans stickiness.

“For sensitive skin, what stays out of a product is as important as what goes in,” Dr. Kathy Fields stated. “The Soothe regime is free of fragrance, alcohol, added colors, parabens and surfactants.”

Rosacea is an extremely common condition in which the blood vessels of the skin dilate and constrict very easily in response to a variety of stimuli including spicy food, alcohol, embarrassment, heat, sunlight and menopause, according to Dr. Katie Rodan.

“It’s characterized,” she explained, “by intense and frequent flushing causing blotchy redness on the cheeks, chin and nose.”

For people with this chronic condition, the first priority is getting their skin under control. Although there are no over-the-counter medicines approved for treating rosacea, Soothe is the perfect regime for rosacea-prone skin.

But if you just need a good, neutral non-irritating moisturizer that will heal your skin and won’t conflict with your treatment products, the Soothe moisturizer is the ideal accompaniment to almost any skin care regime and is one of those products that I try to keep in my medicine cabinet year-round.


The Gentle Cream Wash, below, doubles as a great calming shave lotion to help reduce razor burn for the man in your life, if you can bear to share.


The four-product Soothe regime, $160, includes the Gentle Cream Wash, infused with nurturing ceramides, Aloe and vitamin E; the Sensitive Skin Treatment moisturizer; the Moisture Replenishing Cream, spiked with omegas and chamomile; and the Mineral UVA/UVB SPF 30 Sunscreen, a zinc-based formula providing broad-spectrum protection and packed with anti-oxidants to defend against environmental damage.


If your skin is in need of a little TLC, the Soothe regime will straighten matters out ASAP.

These products earn high marks in the feel-good factor. Say ‘I dew’ to radiant skin. Mazel Tov, and keep reading for exclusive interviews with top makeup artists next month who will share their beauty secrets for the blushing bride, or any smart woman who wants to look her best.


  • Rainee Davis

    Thank you so very much for publishing this, these products ARE amazing and the beauty world needs to know it!! GREAT article, and thanks again!! I am an Independent Consultant of these beauties, if I can help anyone please, please let me know!! Muah!!!

  • Helen R. Stein

    I am a Registered Nurse and Consultant with Rodan+Fields’ Dermatology. With my experience both in healthcare and the skincare industry, I have to say that these technologies create amazing results at a very reasonable cost. Why not trust your skin to two of the most recognized names in skincare, the doctors who created Proactiv. They have been called “a dermatological dream team” by Women’s Health. You can write your own prescription for change. Go to: and take a Free consultation. You CAN enjoy the best skin of your life!

  • Miriam Steketee

    This product is amazing! I have two clients that suffer from Rosacea and love this regimen. Feel free to contact me to get yours today or any of our other incredible lines. We have everything for people with brown spots from sun damage, acne and acne scars, wrinkles, you name it… we have it! (Email me for a free skin consultation today!)

  • Dhonni Perfetti

    Excellent article! Thank you for helping us get the word out. Our goal is to bring Dermatology to the masses and help everyone put their best face forward. As a founding consultant with this excellent company I absolutely love sharing the incredible results these products deliver, but more than anything I enjoy sharing the vision of what Independent Business Ownership can mean for someone. AMAZING!!!

  • Jane Cappelletti

    Amazing results and articles!! Thanks for our companies goal….. to spread the word that Products that REALLY WORK..DO PRODUCE RESULTS!!

    I am everyday amazed with with company and the integrity involved…and the support we get!!

    What we have is nothing short of a DREAM TEAM!!

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